Revealbot Review: How Does It Work, Pricing & Features? (2023)

Social media has transformed the modern world in many ways. Today, everything happens on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok and more.

With the click of a few buttons, you can share your photograph with millions around the world. You can make new friends, drive your dream business, build a community, and more. The possibilities are endless, especially for brands.

Thanks to the creative minds, social media platforms offer a world of opportunities for businesses wishing to make the most out of their customers online.

For instance, with Facebook marketplace, you can display your best products and offer your customers the opportunity to make a purchase from the comfort of their timelines.

Social media advertising plays a critical part in every step of a brand’s online growth.

In simple words, without a proper advertising strategy, your brand has little chance to succeed online.

Now, there are people who elaborate on organic growth but if you truly wish to generate revenue and provide value to the customers without losing out on patience, spending money on advertisements is the best way.

According to a statistic: On average, 28% of people who use the internet found new products after viewing social media ads.

This means if you post an advertisement right now, it’s highly likely you might end up finding a few potential customers for your business within a few days.

Millions of brands invest a great deal of money on advertisement campaigns to drive their sales funnels. If done correctly, an excellent campaign can grow your entire business in a few days.

While that’s true, developing campaigns targeted to yield results for unique stages of a buyer’s journey isn’t simple. If done incorrectly, it can burn your hard-earned money in no time.

Hence, apart from knowledge, you need every tool that gives you the freedom to control every aspect of your campaigns and focus on what’s crucial to your goals, aka avoid investing in superficial targets.

Well, there are many third-party services that provide tools to simplify the advertisement process and measure the results. But no service comes close to Revealbot.

In this article, we’ll discuss everything about Revealbot from its working, pricing to features.

Let’s get started…

What’s social media advertising?

Social media advertising means running marketing campaigns across various social platforms to achieve brand goals through advertisements.

Say it’s Christmas and you want to get new clothes and find a banner on your favorite shop saying: 50% off on all new arrivals

Well, you would at least check it out, given your immediate interest in getting new clothes. You might even make a few purchases. 

This’s how advertising works.

Advertisements are curated for specific customers and display intuitive offers that influence behavior.

Social media platforms offer in-built tools to create advertisements across many categories suited to target unique stages of your buyer’s journey to drive results from millions of in-platform users.

For instance, say you want to educate your customers about your products.

Then, you may use a Brand-awareness advertising campaign, which would provide you with all the correct filters and tools to build awareness about your products to people who fit your buyer’s persona.

Why is social media advertising necessary?

Social media advertisements influence your customers throughout the sales funnel to achieve desired results from a campaign.

This means if your brand has effective advertisement strategies, you can drive maximum results.

A recent study reveals: Ads on social media had a worldwide revenue of $153 billion in 2021, and this number is expected to grow over $252 billion in 2026.

Let’s understand this with a simple example.


Say, you and John, run two online businesses in the same niche of providing marketing software to small brands.

This would mean finding the correct brands from millions around the world, educating them about marketing and how your software might create the difference for them, providing value and ultimately converting them into customers.


Now, you create unique advertising campaigns for each of these stages and set up filters to measure your performance and understand key metrics to ensure improvements, while John posts website banners offering massive discounts.


Do you think relevant brands will discover John’s website easily and make purchases without understanding the value they’ll get?

Definitely, not.

This is because customers need to understand a product and how it’s helpful to their problems before making a purchase.

Simply offering discounts won’t make a difference.

However, running campaigns targeted to provide value to customers in every stage of their journey builds trust and urges them to make purchases.

With your campaigns, you’ll not only educate your customers about marketing, help them discover their issues, but also provide value through your software to get things done.

You’ll also measure your performance and analyze key metrics to understand what’s working and what’s not. This would lead to massive sales from customers, and they would most likely recommend you to other brands.

Common issues faced with advertisements?

Online advertisement is crucial to every business that seeks to derive growth by building a loyal customer base.

But building effective strategies focused on unique customer segments and measuring performance regularly isn’t simple.

Let’s discuss a few of many issues faced by brands.

Insufficient knowledge

Creating effective advertising campaigns requires the correct knowledge. This means you can’t just post random ads and expect results.

For instance, say you discover a few customers who have all the knowledge about your products and have previously engaged with your brand.

This means they are in the last stage of the buyer’s journey and need a last push to purchase your products. But you keep targeting them with your brand-awareness advertisements.

Now, Would they make a purchase if they regularly encounter ads explaining your product features, or make purchases if they find intuitive discounts ads?

Of course, the latter because they’ve already decided to make a purchase and trust your brand. Hence, getting discounts on your products would urge them to seal the deal.

This Is where most brands fail because they lack the correct knowledge and expect every campaign to drive sales.

Overwhelming data

Running many campaigns across unique online platforms means encountering a great deal of data.

This data is critical to the success of future campaigns because it gives you many key metrics from which you can derive useful insights to improve your current campaigns or build new ones.

Now, most brands focus on a few metrics and ignore the rest because of the massive data at their disposal.

This usually leads to ineffective campaigns driven by brief insights.

Ineffective tools

Social media platforms offer in-built tools to create advertising campaigns and manage data.

Unfortunately, these tools along with a few third-party ones are difficult to understand for new users and typically end up creating confusion.

Hence, using them to drive growth yields ineffective results.

What’s Revealbot, and how does it simplify advertising?

Revealbot is an outstanding tool that simplifies the advertising process by automating your ad management.

It offers a plethora of features targeted for brands and individuals who wish to master their campaigns faster.

Imagine, using a tool that lets you manage all your online advertisement campaigns, launch ads using proven strategies from professionals and analyze every step of the process with ease.

This would not only increase your work-rate by many folds but also save you a great deal of time which you can invest in other critical things.

Well, Revealbot is such a tool that provides an unbeatable experience to marketers around the world.

How does Revealbot work?

Revealbot automates the ads set up process and lets you create automations based on your desired goals.

Every new user gets a plethora of proven templates to get started. The company proves itself in assisting your brand manage, launch, and analyze ads and metrics.

All you need to do is create an account and connect various social ad accounts.

What are the features of Revealbot?

Revealbot offers the best features in the market.

These features let you manage your advertisement campaigns on various platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram, Google and more.

You also get integrations with Slack, Google sheets, Google Analytics and YouTube.

Launch your advertisements

Launching is the most critical part of an advertisement campaign.

This includes creating effective ads, boosting the best performing posts, replicating the successful ones and more.

Revealbot’s launch feature offers you a set of tools to accomplish every aspect of launching advertisements.

Bulk creation

Bulk creation lets you upload images and videos in bulk to create many advertisements automatically.

You also get to test all the advertisements across different audiences to understand their performances.

1. You can save templates and reuse them when needed.

2. Track all the advertisements.

3. Automatically add tags to new campaigns, ads, and ad sets.

4. Schedule the advertisements to reach the audience at the right time.

5. Create many set components of headlines, URLs, descriptions, and more. 

6. Use the drag-and-drop library to keep all your assets organized.

7. Select existing posts from Facebook and Instagram.

8. Automatically create creative tasks for spilt audiences.

Well, you get to do all this and more with the bulk creation tool. This means creating hundreds of intuitive ads with a few clicks.

Boost posts

All your best performing posts deserve a part in your advertisement campaigns. This is because they have already proven effective in engaging the audience.

Now, usually you would need to boost a post and set up goals, apply filters and more, which is time-consuming.

This Is where Revealbot lets you boost posts automatically by setting conditions, parameters, and audiences.

Lookalike builder

Facebook lets you build a lookalike audience from your high-performing ads.

But why do it manually for each ad set when you can set rules to automatically do it?

Well, Revealbot lets you continuously generate lookalike audiences from high- performing ad sets or create lookalikes in bulk.

Manage your advertisements

The manage feature gives you 4 advanced tools to manage all your campaigns. Let’s discuss them.

Create rules

This tool helps you build automations specific to your brand goals.

You may also use hundreds of pre-defined templates, metrics, and actions to get started immediately.

What’s best is you can create complex rules for all your ads using AND/OR operators. This Is great because most social platforms offer limited rules.

Automation logs

Using the automation logs, you can find which ads get affected by automations rules.

That’s great to check whether your rules are performing. You also get to troubleshoot if the rules don’t fire.

Custom metrics

Revealbot gives a plethora of powerful metrics to gain insights from campaigns.

You can use the Google sheet integration to create unique metrics based on spreadsheets and automate marketing decisions based on external attribution data.

Custom timeframes

This tool lets you create specific timeframes in which you can concentrate.

There’s also the option to use these timeframes in rules, reports, top creatives and top audiences.

Analyze your advertisements

Analyzing your ad’s performance gives you important metrics, which you can measure to get valuable insights into what’s working and what’s not.

Revealbot makes this process simple with its set of tools.


Revealbot’s reports help you get profound insights that you otherwise wouldn’t find on many social media platform tools.

You get to build customized reports from the metrics using a simple drag-and-drop editor. They also give the option to use widgets, which is super convenient.

Top creatives

Creative assets form the crust of your advertising campaigns.

This means you must analyze their performance to implement changes in places you are lacking.

With Revealbot, you can track how your creatives perform overtime, and pre-defined periods.

You get to share all the data with individuals and teams with applied filters and schedule updates to auto-update your reports daily, weekly or monthly.

Some other features include:

1. The ability to compare metrics of many ad groups against each other.

2. Use multiple ad accounts and measure creative performance in a single report. 

3. Integrate with the bulk creation tool to create top-performing ads.

4. Create custom metrics suited to your brand using mathematical operators.

Top audiences

This tool helps you discover top-performing audience segments by analyzing the overall performance of each audience using data from all campaigns.

You also get to build new audiences using the top audience reports and compare audiences results with the data from a previous period.


Revealbot knows the importance of collaboration and hence gives you many tools to seamlessly collaborate with your team.


The LiveView tool lets you track everything in the last 24 hours, from triggered rules to budget changes.

It also allows you to measure the performance of your teams by knowing how your teammates interact with rules, and reports.


Every so often, you might wish to restrict some sensitive information from your team.

Revealbot’s permission tool lets you restrict access to ad accounts and invite clients to the platform.

Revealbot Pricing

Revealbot gives you complete freedom to use all of its advanced tools in all its pricing models. You only pay according to your monthly ad spend limit. This means you get features like:

1. Unlimited ad accounts 

2. Unlimited rules

3. Unlimited teammates 

4. Live chat

5. Google sheets integration

6. Slack integration

7. Custom metrics & timeframes 

8. Strategies & templates

9. Reports

10.Post boosting

11.Bulk creation

12.User roles & permissions

On their official website, you get to choose from many monthly ad spend limits. Depending on your requirements, you can pick from 12 unique models. The company also provides a 14-day free trial to test the tools.

1. Monthly ad spend limit: $10k for $83/month.

2. Monthly ad spend limit: $25k for $167/month.

3. Monthly ad spend limit: $50k for $251/month.

4. Monthly ad spend limit: $100k for $419/month. 

5. Monthly ad spend limit: $200k for $587/month.

6. Monthly ad spend limit: $400k for $755/month. 

7. Monthly ad spend limit: $600k for $923/month. 

8. Monthly ad spend limit: $800k for $1091/month. 

9. Monthly ad spend limit: $1M for $1259/month. 

10.Monthly ad spend limit: $1.5M for $1679/month. 

11.Monthly ad spend limit: $2M for $2099/month. 

12.Monthly ad spend limit: $3M for $2519/month.


There you have it. Social media advertising plays a critical role in the growth of a business.

Advertisements help curate content and offers for unique audience segments spread across various stages of the buyers’ journey. But building and managing effective campaigns using in-platform tools yields little results. This is where Revealbot works like a charm. It offers advanced tools to manage, launch, analyze and collaborate your campaigns with powerful integrations.