Announcement: Analytics feature will be removed from InterestExplorer

We're sad to announce that the Analytics feature in InterestExplorer will be removed as a result of upcoming changes in Facebook's Marketing API.

This morning Facebook has officially announced that they will deprecate the keyword stats endpoint in their Marketing API, which is the source of data that we use to display campaign statistics at the interest level in our Analytics tool.

We're sad to see such valuable data being removed, especially after being surprised by the errors in this API endpoint which started in the beginning of September.

Going forward, we have decided to remove the Analytics feature from our tool effective today. While Facebook officially deprecates the keyword stats endpoint on October 29th, it's no longer working anymore - so also not adding value anymore.

Our interest search search (the core of the InterestExplorer product) and our Chrome extension for Audience Insights will remain unaffected by these changes. We'll continue to add functionality to these products and we'll continue to look for new and creative ways to build value-adding products around Facebook's API.

To end with good news: we have built a new tool that allows you to track competitors and get alerted when they launch new Facebook ads. Either through email or native Zapier integration (for example with Slack message). 

You can create a free account, that includes up to 3 active trackers.


10 Great Examples of Facebook Ads for Chiropractors

Everyone needs a chiropractor at some point in their life.

But most people don't know that.

That's why many chiropractors use Facebook ads to attract new patients. This made it an interesting type of Facebook ads for me to analyse. It's always smart to see what others are doing, to get inspiration for your own marketing. That's why, if you're running Facebook ads as a chiropractor, this post will be very valuable. It shows common patterns and best practices I found in ads run by other chiropractors on Facebook.

I hope you enjoy this post and find inspiration in the presented examples.

Call out chiropractic patients in your local area

You're probably serving a local area, like most chiropractors. The great thing about Facebook is that it allows you to target specific geographic areas (like cities) or pick a radius around specific coordinates on the map. Most chiropractor ads on Facebook call out the patients in the local area they target, in their ad copy. This draws attention to the ad when someone is scrolling trough their timeline and increases the relevance of your messaging.

Like for example this chiropractor that serves Effingham County.


Personally introduce the chiropractor

Because I analyse many different professions that run Facebook ads, I can quickly spot the differences between them. One of these differences is the fact that almost every Facebook ad for a chiropractic practice personally introduces the doctor. When looking at for example hundreds of Facebook ads for dentists, I rarely saw them do it. 

To me that's interesting...

By the way, most of the times the introduction is made in the first-person (I am doctor ...) and the ad image or video shows this person treating a patient or explaining something.

It's clearly a best practice to show your face and your expertise. 


Use discount vouchers to incentivise new patient consultations (preferably with scarcity)

When running Facebook ads for your chiropractic services, it's super important to realise the context your advertising in. People are most of the times on their phones, on the couch or during commute. They are not looking for you or intrinsically motivated to be interested in what you have to say. Therefore you should always present an enticing offer. 

Give people a reason to stop what they were doing and schedule an appointment.

Most chiropractor Facebook ads we analysed used discount vouchers to incentivise new patient consultations. Not necessarily vouchers for free services, most of the times it were discounted offers. Think about the services you could offer a discount on to get patients in the door, like: x-rays, screenings, adjustments, spinal examinations, massages, etc. 

I'll share a couple of offer examples below. You'll also notice that most of the offers have some sort of urgency (time sensitivity) or scarcity (limited number available) in them. Again, this motivates viewers of the ad to interrupt what they were doing to take action.


As you saw in these examples, the ads look very similar. So to attract attention and convert your ads viewers into new patients, you should really think through the offer you make. It's all about crafting a perfect offer where you stack many free or discounted services together - with the goal of creating an irresistible offer.

To resonate better with specific audiences, you could also create and test multiple different offers to see which one works the best for you. For example; you could create a specific offer around 'adjustments' and explain why people need these.

Lead with educational content (blogs, videos, webinars) & chiropractic workshops

Marketers often try to plot prospective clients / patients in a so-called buyers journey. This simplification of the buying process helps to adjust your messaging and content to fit the current state of your prospect. For example: you shouldn't present a price and ask someone to decide right away, if you just introduced yourself. People that might not even be aware they need a chiropractic treatment, need to first realise they can use help - before you can present your services.

That's what's called "problem awareness" and "solution awareness". 

First, prospects need to become aware that they have a problem (let's say back pain) before they can become aware of the different solutions there are available. 

To help people in this stage, is crucial. Because when your ads are educating them about a problem they might have, who do you think they'll look for to find a solution? 


You can use different content formats like blog posts, videos or webinars. I also noticed many chiropractor ads on Facebook invite people to come and visit a workshop in their local practice. For example a workshop about seating posture in your office chair. This is a great idea; because it gets prospective patients in the door and educates them - so makes them aware of problems they might have.

Below you'll find some more examples:



In this article I showed you my findings after analysing hundreds of Facebook ads for chiropractic practices. I've tried to summarise my findings in an easy to digest format with examples. Hopefully you got some inspiration from these. 

Just one more thing...

If you are serious about running Facebook ads for your business, make sure to also check out the Facebook interest tool we created. It helps advertisers of all sizes to lower their costs and reach more relevant audiences, by revealing thousands of targetable interests that are hidden in Facebook Ads Manager.

Want to see more examples of Facebook ads for inspiration?

Check out my review of AdvertSuite, worlds largest database with 40 million+ FB ads. 


The Anatomy of the Perfect Facebook Ad for Dropshipping

At first sight dropshipping looks like the perfect business model. 

Running a webshop without the need to hold inventory so without the need for a huge startup capital. Big margins because you're buying products for cheap to sell them at a big markup... without ever touching these products yourself.

Who wouldn't want that?

That's why the dropshipping model quickly attracted a huge worldwide following. So the space became super-competitive. So it's now more important than ever to be creative and to come up with new audiences and new products - but you also don't need to re-invent the wheel. There are many best practices when it comes to dropshipping, especially regarding Facebook ads. Some ad strategies just work.

That's what I'll show you in this article.

I've analysed literally hundreds of the most succesfull dropshipping Facebook ads to find common patterns in their ad copy, creative and offers. In this article I'll present what I found to be the anatomy of the perfect Facebook ad for dropshipping.

Dropshipping Facebook ads should feel like virals to stimulate impulse buying

The type of products that sell well for dropshippers are mostly impulse buys. You don't want people to actively and consciously compare your product. Or research to find alternatives. The offer should be so enticing that someone who sees your ad will stop scrolling on their mobile phone and grab their creditcard to purchases the product right away.

So that's also the feeling that your ad should create.

They should have a viral feeling to them.

So how do you do that? Apart from the social proof of likes, comments and shares.

Use of emojis


Most of the top dropshipping ads use emojis in the ad copy. Often they pick emojis that express a strong emotion like surprise, love or rolling over the ground laughing. They support the strong emotional response that they want trigger when someone sees the ad in their timeline.

Ask for tag & share

To support the viral character of the ad, most of the top dropshipping ads ask people to tag & share the ad to involve their friends. People inherently like to share things when they are for example funny, surprising or cute - because the share reflects on them. Be careful however, because Facebook actually doesn't allow to ask for tags and shares. Still a lot of people do it and their ads aren't rejected.


Apart from emojis, tags & shares let's dive deeper into the perfect ad copy.

The best Facebook ads for dropshipping use short convincing copy to communicate their irresistible offer

Most of your ads will be displayed on mobile - while people are scrolling brainless through their timeline. Your ad should catch their attention, interrupt what they were doing and motivate them to take action (click to your website and purchase the offer). 

That's a big ask.

So you can't distract them too much with long stories and a lot of information. 

When looking at the best performing Facebook ads from top dropshippers, we've noticed a few common patterns in the ad copy.

Start with a question or statement

A question unconsciously stops people to think about the topic. So it's best to start your ad with a quick question that relates to the main pain point your product solves. For example: "Do you often wake up with back pain?" or "Aren't your teeth as white as they used to be?". Or a short statement like "The must-have opener".


Keep it short

As said before, the best ads are the ones that get straight to the point - with as little words as possible. Most of the times it's enough to use just 1 or 2 sentences after your opening question. You should describe how your product solves their problem. For example: "This charcoal toothpaste whitens your teeth in 7 days without irritating your gums". If you need more copy to highlight specific features, you could also use the green tick emoji to create a short list instead of writing long copy.

Craft an irresistible offer

To convince people that see your ad to buy your product right away, they offer should be irresistible. Looking at top Facebook ads by other dropshippers, we've noticed that they often communicate BIG discounts (of 50% or even higher), add urgency (only today), scarcity (only 50 units in stock) and social proof (by adding star emojis to simulate a review / customer testimonial). Most dropshipping ads offer FREE worldwide shipping too.


Use a clear call-to-action

It seems that most top dropshippers have agreed on the best call-to-action to use in their Facebook ads. In 99% of the ad copy the final call-to-action is "Get yours here:" followed by the hyperlink to their product page. So why reinvent the wheel?



In this article I've presented the anatomy of the perfect dropshipping Facebook ad. Not based on my opinion or taste, but on the analysis of hundreds of the very best performing dropshipping ads out there. I've used a tool called AdvertSuite to find these ads and sort them by the ones with the most likes & engagement. I only looked at ads that are running right now in 2019 - to reflect what works NOW.

You can even filter these ads on the landing page software, like Shopify.

I'll probably update this post later this year to show the latest examples.

I hope you got some inspiration from these top dropshipping ads. Or confirmation that you're already on the right path because you use most of these elements.

Just one more thing...

If you are serious about running Facebook ads for your business, make sure to also check out the Facebook interest tool we created. It helps advertisers of all sizes to lower their costs and reach more relevant audiences, by revealing thousands of targetable interests that are hidden in Facebook Ads Manager.

Want to see more examples of Facebook ads for inspiration?

Check out my review of AdvertSuite, worlds largest database with 40 million+ FB ads. 


9 Great Examples of Facebook Ads for Crossfit Boxes

When asked, all Crossfit box owners will say their box is unique. And that is probably true, because of the unique mix of people and the culture they form. But when it comes to using Facebook ads for CrossFit boxes, I would say they're all kind of the same...

That is good news.

Because it means you can learn a lot from just looking at example of Facebook ads other CrossFit boxes run to acquire new members. We've analysed hundreds of CrossFit ads on Facebook and came to the conclusion that everyone is copying each other. Almost all CrossFit boxes use the same hooks, the same offers and the same type of Facebook ads.

So that's why in this post I'll show you some great examples of CrossFit Facebook ads so you can get inspiration from those - and implement some best practices in your own ads. 

Clearly address your (local) crossfit audience in your Facebook ads

Almost every town or city has its own CrossFit affiliate box. So you audience will almost always be local. It's a good start to analyse the addresses of your current members, to learn the maximum distance people are willing to travel to your box. Maybe you know this already, but otherwise you can easily plot the addresses of your members on a map to draw a circle.

On Facebook you can specifically target a geographic area. But more importantly is that you should address your local audience in the ad by calling them out. This catches attention when people browse through their timeline on Facebook. 

Here's an example of CrossFit Ham Lake calling out their audience:


You can specifically address men or women in your ad copy. Or friends or couples like the example shown below. Needless to say, but don't forget to limit your targeting when your specific to either men or women.


Craft a compelling but low-barrier offer in your Facebook ad

Imagine someone laying on the couch while mindlessly browsing his/her phone. If your Facebook ad asks them to hop off their couch to come to your CrossFit box and sign-up for a yearly contract... they're probably not going to take the offer.

Looking at hundreds of Facebook CrossFit ads we noticed a very strong pattern, mainly in the type of offer that they were making. I would say 90% offers some form of a free challenge. Like a 7 day, 21 day or even 42 day challenge to get fit. That's probably because this offer works. And because it's low-barrier. You could complement this offer with additional things like a free meal plan or an accountability FB group. 

Let's look at a couple of examples of CrossFit Facebook ads that present a challenge as their core offer. As you'll notice the offer in these ads is quite similar.


Even if you don't get paid for the free challenge, you could still ask for a testimonial in exchange for their participation (like the example below). Testimonials can be used as marketing assets for your box to acquire new members later on.

Other options for an offer could be a super-low priced introduction phase. Like $1 for your first 21 days. Or get your first month free. Or just offer the elements classes for free, as a way of introducing people to the world of CrossFit.

Add scarcity to your Facebook ad to increase the motivation to act NOW

When people see your offer, you want them to take action and subscribe to the offer you're making. Therefore many CrossFit Facebook ads contain some form of scarcity. Like a limited number of spots available - to motivate people to act now instead of tomorrow.

Scarcity is one of the most powerful principles of influence. Both online and offline.


Testimonials and other forms of social proof make great Facebook ads for CrossFit

Many people have heard of CrossFit, but there are also many false beliefs about what it is. For people to try out CrossFit, your ad should change their false beliefs. The best way to do that is by showing other people that have gone through this experience. That's why a good testimonial from a relatable person is often one of the best advertisements. 

When you get the chance; ask members of your box to record a video testimonial about their experience. What were their concerns and doubts before signing-up, and what was their experience? How do they like CrossFit now? Real stories from real people beat any marketing-guru out there.


Another form of social proof you could ad to the Facebook ad campaigns for your CrossFit box, is to show pictures of your current members. Part of CrossFit is the culture around it. The family-like group with whom you share the experience of pushing yourself to the limit. Try to portray that feeling in your Facebook ads, like for example the ads below.



As you've learned in this article, there are many different elements you could include in a good CrossFit Facebook ad. I hope my analysis gave you inspiration to implement changes in you own Facebook campaigns. Every CrossFit box has it's unique character, but most Facebook ads for CrossFit boxes are not. And that's just because these are things that work.

Just one more thing...

If you are serious about running Facebook ads for your business, make sure to also check out the Facebook interest tool we created. It helps advertisers of all sizes to lower their costs and reach more relevant audiences, by revealing thousands of targetable interests that are hidden in Facebook Ads Manager.

Want to see more examples of Facebook ads for inspiration?

Check out my review of AdvertSuite, worlds largest database with 40 million+ FB ads. 

13 Great Examples of Facebook Ads for Dentists

If you're running Facebook ads for a dental clinic, this post will give you a ton of inspiration.

We've analysed hundreds of dentist Facebook Ads to pick some great examples. With every example we'll highlight what you can learn from it. None of them are perfect, but they use different methods & hooks. When starting a campaign you can learn from these examples to build the perfect Facebook ad for your dental practice.

Let's look at the examples.

Speak directly to your local dental patient


This Facebook ad is targeted extremely specific. They run many variations of this same post, targeting people that are employed by specific companies. Like in this ad example the Schindler Elevator Corporation. How to do that? Facebook allows advertisers to target people that work at a certain company - in this example the potential reach is 1.400 people.


While it takes a lot of time to set this up for a large number of companies, your message will be hyper-relevant. You can literally speak to that audience. It makes sense for this dentist, because their service is a mobile dental practice that visits corporations on specific dates.

See how they mention both the company name and on-site dates in their ad?

Another smart thing about this ad, is that they offer a $20 Amazon gift card to both first-time patients and to returning patients who refer others. This provides an extra incentive for people that see the ad to take action and to A) refer one of their co-workers or B) schedule a dental appointment for themselves right after seeing the ad.

That's the next thing I want to discuss; your offer.

Make a compelling offer for first-time patients

It's much harder to get someone in the door for the first time, than to schedule repeat appointments. That's why dentists should craft an offer to make it more attractive for new patients. In the example above they used an Amazon gift card, but you can also think about offering products like a toothbrush or services like a free teeth whitening or free x-ray.


Tell stories about transformations that happened in your dental clinic

We all love a good story, right?

Especially on Facebook stories just work, because they blend in nicely between the other stories that people see in their timeline. Think about any movie and you'll notice that the story always describes a transformation. From a toad to a prince, from an exiled warrior to a hero, etcetera. With that in mind, you could think of showing transformations that happened in your dental clinic - in your Facebook ads.

This is an example of Atlanta Dental Spa, that created a really nice video production to showcase a transformation of one of their patients. And her emotional reaction to it.


It's a great ad that definitely motivates others to schedule an appointment themselves.

But also if you don't see yourself creating such a nice production right away, start small. Even a video recorded on a phone can show a transformation of one of your patients. The added benefit is that the vertical format captures a lot of screen-space on mobile phones and it makes it feel more authentic and therefore more relatable for viewers.


Show different forms of social proof

People are herd animals; we're social creatures.

We value others opinions and weigh these heavily in our own choices. Hence the success of review sites for restaurant, hotels, and almost any other product or service. When promoting your dental clinic with Facebook ads, it's a smart strategy to insert different forms of 'social proof' to indicate that OTHER people trust you and your expertise. A review can be in the form of a testimonial saying you're the best, but it can also be subtle (even better). 

The Facebook ad example below shows how Ally Dentist uses the power of social proof by showing a publication about their clinic in the Chicago Tribune. Not every dentist lands a full-page article in local media, so this article increases the expert status of the advertiser.


Social proof can also come in the form of endorsements by celebrities like actors, sports players or musicians. That's why this Facebook ad by Koyfman Dental shows a picture of one of their dentists together with a well-known basketball player. 


So think about ways to inject different forms of social proof into your Facebook ads. It doesn't have to be a full-page publication or a national celebrity. It can also be an endorsement by a local politician, a mention by a blogger or a happy patient review.

Provide clear information about your services

In general, people have a decreasing attention span... 

But on Facebook it's even more extreme when people are scrolling their timeline. They're on Facebook to watch funny cat videos and connect with their friends - not to think about dental appointments. So to make sure your ads perform in this environment they should quickly catch attention, but also provide clear information about your offer.

People that view your ad will not be intrinsically motivated to click through to your website and read pages of information. So it's good practice to provide the most important information in your ads.

Let's look at the Facebook ad below by Apple Dentist - Westheimer. It's maybe a bit boring, but everything is perfectly clear. The image shows the implant and the price. The text shows it's a promotion, that monthly payments are an option and provides the phone number for people to call and schedule an appointment. 


So think about ways to inject different forms of social proof into your Facebook ads. It doesn't have to be a full-page publication or a national celebrity. It can also be an endorsement by a local politician, a mention by a blogger or a happy patient review.

Be personal by showing your face(s)

It's important for a lot of people to like and trust their dentist. That's why it's a smart idea to make your Facebook more personal. By showing yourself or the team. This lowers the barrier for people to schedule an appointment - because the 'faces' are familiar.


Lead with content

Sometimes the timing is just not right.

Imagine you show your ad to 1000 people. There will be people that need dental services, but that are just not ready to make an appointment. That doesn't mean they're not interested in what you have to offer. Therefore ads that lead with content, are an important part of any advertising strategy. This is the type of ads where you explain, give information, educate and most importantly "brand" yourself as the go-to expert.

As soon as the timing is right, your name will be the first one that comes to mind.

This cosmetic dentist started "Dr. Patty TV",  a weekly video show on YouTube that provides information about dental and cosmetic procedures. A great example of dentist branding.


Or these dentists that just used their smartphone to record advice for people that experience pain while brushing their teeth. It's both informative and personal - and again a great example how you can lead with content as a dental clinic.


If you don't feel like recording video, you could also write informative blog content like Refresh Dental does. These show your expertise and attract people that are interested in the topic of dental care. 



This post showed you a bunch of examples of great Facebook ads for dentists. I hope these best practices inspire you to take a look at your own Facebook campaigns, to see if anything can be improved. Again; these are just examples and they're not perfect - but there's definitely some lessons to be learned from them. 

Just one more thing...

If you are serious about running Facebook ads for your business, make sure to also check out the Facebook interest tool we created. It helps advertisers of all sizes to lower their costs and reach more relevant audiences, by revealing thousands of targetable interests that are hidden in Facebook Ads Manager.

Want to see more examples of Facebook ads for inspiration?

Check out my review of AdvertSuite, worlds largest database with 40 million+ FB ads. 

interestexplorer print-on-demand

Find Hidden Facebook Interests for Your POD campaigns

When you're doing print-on-demand (POD) you know it's all about testing.

To find winners you have to quickly test designs and audiences.

In hope of finding combinations that you can scale to big numbers later on. But to target interest-based audiences on Facebook you're limited to the small number of interest suggestions that Facebook Ads Manager shows you. 

Even Facebook Audience Insights, which used to be a great tool, now shows you mostly interests (in the affinity section) that you can't target with Facebook ads.

Joe Robert

To be succesful at POD, you have to run lots of tests. In my POD training and FB groups I advocate the $1 PPE method to quickly evaluate new interests, without burning too much money on testing. Even when you’ve already found a winning design, you still have to test new interests while scaling out your campaign. This smart research tool helps you speed-up the process of finding relevant interests in new niches.

POD interest research is important, but takes a lot of time and Facebook's tools to do research are lacking.

In this post I'll show you how-to use InterestExplorer, our software that reveals hidden Facebook interests, to find the perfect interests for your print-on-demand campaigns.

Let's dive right in!

I think it's best to show you all the steps I would take, using a POD example. 

Let's say you have created a hooded blanket design for the dog niche 🐕

How-to use Facebook's research tools

OK, so first let's see how Facebook's research tools can help us to find the right interest targeting for our campaign. We'll check Facebook Ads Manager and also Facebook Audience Insights.

Facebook Ads Manager

When I type 'Dogs' into the Detailed Targeting section in Facebook Ads Manager and then click Suggestions, Facebook returns a short list of just 25 related interests I can target.

facebook ads interest suggestions

Most of them seem to be relevant, so thats' good.

The problem however is that these are all very broad interests. Which is not a good thing, especially not for print-on-demand. We need to find the real passionate dog lovers in a huge audience of people who like dogs. Not all people with a broad interest in 'Pets'.

Let's move on...

Facebook Audience Insights

In Facebook Audience Insights, I've selected a US population with an interest in 'Dogs'.

Then I click to the 'Page Likes' tab to see which pages these people like, and what the Affinity score is (how likely the selected audience is to like these pages compared to everyone on Facebook).

My first impression is that there are just 2 interests that are actually about dogs.

dog interests

When I look these interests up in Facebook Ads Manager I find that the first one still isn't a very targeted audience (over 4 million people in the US share this interest).

i love dogs fb interest

And the second one can't be targeted with ads...


So far Facebook's tools have just shown me interests that are either very broad or interests that can't be targeted with ads. Now let's move on to InterestExplorer, the software I've developed to reveal hidden interests related to any topic (and can be targeted with ads).

How-to use InterestExplorer

I start by entering the broad interest 'Dog' into the search bar and hit 'Explore'.


The tool then returns a list of 481 interests related to 'Dogs'.

All of these interests can be targeted with Facebook ads. Of course not all of them are super relevant, but that's not a problem when there are so many to choose from.

This is a full-page screenshot of the list.

dog interests long list

Let's look at a few examples I found:

"I Love Dogs Inc." or "Raw and Natural Nutrition for Dogs".

I'm 100% certain that people who like these hyper-targeted dog interests are more likely to buy our dog design compared to a super-broad audience of people who like 'Dogs'.

What do you think?

dog interests interestexplorer

As you can see in the screenshot, the tool offers quick links to run a search for the interest on Facebook or Google. This is a huge timesaver and a quick method to learn more about interests you're not familiar with. For example "Fairbank Ice Dogs".

When I click on the Google icon the tool opens a new tab with a search for the keyword on Google. I can instantly see that it's an ice hockey team, so not a relevant interest for me.

fairbank ice dogs

I can do the same with the Facebook icon, to see if there's an associated Facebook page.

fairbank facebook

I'll work my way through the list to find interests I like.

When I find one, I click on it to add it to my selection box at the top of the page. From there I have multiple options: copy the interests to my clipboard (and paste them straight into my Facebook campaigns), save them to a re-usable 'Dogs' project that I can work on later, or export them to a downloadable CSV file.

selection box

Just one more thing...

Want to see more examples of Facebook ads for inspiration?

Check out AdvertSuite, worlds largest database with 40 million+ Facebook ads. You can filter on keyword, country, language, audience, engagement and even based on landing page software, to see only ads that land on a Shopify store.