Target hidden interests with less competition.

Discover thousands of profitable interests Facebook™ hides from the masses.

Smart App

Enjoy an unfair advantage.

InterestExplorer is a smart application to discover interests that you can target on Facebook™, while your competitors don't even know they exist.


Explore related hidden interests for any niche.

Facebook™ shows the exact same 25 interests to all advertisers. We reveal the hidden ones that are more relevant and have less competition.

Select & Export

Cherrypick the best interest suggestions to target.

Sort the interest suggestions by audience size and click the interests you like to add them to a selection that you can copy or export.


Pick your country to localise the interest suggestions.

While the Facebook™ API returns the most suggestions in English, you can also explore interests in other supported languages.


Save hours on targeting research.

In this short video demonstration we'll show you how to search, select, copy and export hidden Facebook™ interests using the InterestExplorer app.


Unlimited lifetime access.

Take advantage of our introductory offer $50 discount


Just for your own use.


one-time payment


Create unlimited accounts for your team, using the same email domain (


one-time payment


Frequently asked questions.

Are you compliant with Facebook™'s policies?
Yes, absolutely. Our app uses the Facebook™ Marketing API to query "adinterest suggestions". This is approved usage.
Are there any limitations on usage?
No, you can explore an unlimited amount of niches using InterestExplorer and export as much as you like. You'll get instant access after your purchase, so you can start exploring interests to target.
Which languages do you support?
Our tool allows you to choose any of FB's supported languages to search for local interests. Note that Facebook™'s API will always return the highest number of interest suggestions in en_US. We can't do magic.
How do you compare to alternative solutions?
We've built an intuitive app that returns many more interests than any of the alternative solutions - at a much lower cost too. And without monthly recurring fees.
Do you offer a free plan or a trial?
We don't offer a free plan. However, you can try the tool in our free demo version.
What payment methods do you offer?
We accept creditcard payments through Stripe. If you would like to pay using PayPal, please contact us. We'll create a PayPal invoice for you and setup your account within 1 business day after payment is received.