I spent a whopping $2,589 on Facebook advertising courses.

Not to learn how to use Facebook ads to grow my business (I’ve been doing that successfully for many years) but just to “spy” on the competition 🕵️

Let me explain.

I’ve founded InterestExplorer. That’s a Facebook interest targeting tool that reveals 1000’s of hidden Facebook interests you can target without your competition even knowing they exist.

It’s used by thousands of Facebook advertisers and it has been featured by industry experts like Social Media Examiner, DigitalKickstart and Adleaks. 

I’m not a “guru” but I do know a thing or two about running Facebook ads.

Not only because I grew multiple businesses using Facebook ads but also because I’ve personally answered 1000’s of Facebook advertising questions from my users. 

These questions reveal an obvious pattern.

They all come down to the same underlying issue: the absence of a solid and repeatable strategy.

And that’s because there’s just too much conflicting information shared in all of these Facebook groups, in all of these “10 tips” articles and in all of these YouTube videos out there.

Most advertisers glue together a bunch of isolated tactics (perfect ad templates, high-converting copy scripts, sneaky scaling tricks, etc.) without truly understanding HOW advertising on the Facebook platform actually works.

The result is a messy ad account and a vicious circle.

It’s like having the ingredients, but not the recipe to put them together. And then constantly adding pinches of this and dashes of that.

So I thought, I should sit down and write down my recipe, based on my experience of successfully running Facebook ads for years. And then launch my own online course.

But as a first step, I wanted to learn what’s out there already. 

What the competition looked like.

So I spent a total sum of $2,589 to get access to most of the popular courses on the topic of Facebook advertising, completed them and took a lot of notes in the process. 

And I quickly learned…

There Are Two Major Challenges When Creating An Online Course About Facebook Advertising.

The first challenge is that there is already too much information out there.

People don’t need more of the same information.

Although we all love to distract ourselves by consuming it, we really don’t need it.

Still most of the courses out there are just knowledge dumps. The creator sat down and thought by himself “Hmmm what is everything I can tell about Facebook ads?”.

The result is a course with many modules & lessons, yet very little actionable insight.

All sizzle no steak, money wasted…🙁

At least I learned that to create a new course on Facebook ads it’s simply not enough to just re-chew and re-package all of the information that’s already out there.

It has to be unique.

The second challenge is that it’s really hard to keep up with the speed at which the Facebook advertising landscape changes. Not only the strategies that work. But also the tools Facebook provides to advertisers.

And not in the last place Facebook’s UI, which constantly evolves.

Which means that even a course that was launched a year ago, already contains a lot of information that’s outdated and no longer relevant today.

Or what about the risk of Facebook tweaking the UI of the Ads Manager, forcing me to re-record entire modules…to be honest I became less and less sure if I should even pursue this. Especially because my core focus is developing software (not creating courses) and I’ll be launching a new tool for Facebook advertisers soon…🤞

Then I stumbled upon this “new kid on the block” when scrolling through my Facebook feed. Khalid Hamadeh, an ex-Facebook employee turned marketing consultant and course creator. Maybe you’ve also seen his ads pop up in your Facebook feed. 

His “lessons from a former Facebooker” course was my most recent purchase.

And the one that made me decide to abandon my plan to develop a course myself.

He has a unique perspective, constantly posts course updates and reaps only raving reviews.

And his English is native…👌

While my accent is 🧀 🇳🇱

This guy is literally the only one I think I can’t beat at creating a Facebook course. But after completing his entire online course I thought I could add value by filling gaps.So that’s what I decided to do.

Why You Should Read This Review If You’re Looking To Level Up Your Facebook & Instagram Ads Skills?

I’ll give you a couple of reasons:

  • I’ve completed the entire course and it’s by far the best course on Facebook advertising out there, BUT there are some underexposed topics in my opinion. I’ll discuss these in this in-depth review, so you’ll get a full and honest picture. Not just a praise song. I’ll share my personal experience including pros and cons.
  • I’ve created 2 exclusive bonuses around topics that I feel are underexposed in the course, but that tie in really well and amplify the strategies Khalid teaches. Should you decide to purchase his course through any of the links in this article, you’ll get both these bonuses. I’ll get back to these bonuses a little later on in this article.
  • At the end of the review you’ll find a 20% discount coupon. Should you decide to purchase the course through any of the links in this article, you’ll get 20% off. 

Heads up: this post contains affiliate links. If you purchase something through one of these links you won’t pay more, but I’ll be rewarded a small commission.

Who is Khalid Hamadeh?

Khalid Hamadeh is a former Facebook employee.

He worked there for 3 years and 7 months as a Solutions Manager and Partner.

khalid hamadeh linkedin

In that role he advised big brands like Netflix, eBay and Coca-Cola as well as early stage startups on their Facebook ads strategy to increase their return-on-ad-spend.

Next to that he founded a few e-commerce brands of his own using Facebook ads as the main growth driver, as well as a Facebook ads consultancy. He knows how to run ads. Not only with multi-million dollar budgets but also with his own (limited) cash.

We share a fascination for the brands that came out of nothing and were built almost entirely on the back of Facebook ads. The approach in his course is to look closely at the strategies that these “digital native” brands use to grow so fast using ads.

Think of companies like AllBirds, Masterclass or Casper.

My personal favorite “digital native” is a company not mentioned as an example in the course. It’s the company reMarkable that sells the only tablet that feels like paper.

remarkable facebook ad

I’m waiting impatiently for my pre-order to be delivered 🙏

Sorry, little detour. 

The point that I’m trying to make is that Khalid presents a truly unique perspective in his online course. Him being an “ex-Facebooker” isn’t just a meaningless gimmick.

He clearly has first-hand experience and has looked behind the curtains to learn what succesful brands do differently. These are not the big multi-national brands we all know (which he also advised) but the more sophisticated advertisers like reMarkable.

Khalid takes a unique approach I havent’ seen in any other Facebook ads course by teaching the strategies, secrets and best practices of these “digital natives”. 

My honest review of Khalid Hamadeh’s Facebook ads course.

To be honest I don’t know what the actual name of the course is…

It goes by “Khalid Hamadeh’s Facebook Ads Training“, “Facebook Marketing School”, “Khalidschool” and “Lessons of a former Facebooker”. They’re all the same.

Alright, time to dive in.

As you can see I’ve recently completed the course 🙌

I must admit that I even learned some new things that I had never heard before.

At the moment of writing this, the offer includes: 80+ video lessons and all future updates included.

I don’t think it makes sense to go over everything he teaches. The course is constantly updated with new content. Visit his website for the up-to-date course curriculum.

I’ll just share what I liked about the course and what I didn’t like so much.

What I Liked About It:

Khalid has a unique perspective you don’t see in other courses.

It’s very clear from the start of the course that working at Facebook gave him a good understanding of Facebook’s conflict of interests, how that translates to their future roadmap and most importantly how it affects advertisers on the platform.

Working closely with Facebook’s engineers taught him how the ad auction process works and which buttons you can turn as an advertiser to win more auctions.

I haven’t seen this explained in any other course. Most course creators just dive straight into practical tactics or even worse… “copy-paste templates” 😱

The Widely Applicable “Cascading” Strategy He Teaches.

I really like the fact that Khalid is teaching a framework that can be applied to any type of business and to Facebook ad accounts at any stage (from infancy to maturity).  

There’s even an entire lesson specifically about cold starts with a new Facebook pixel without any event data. That’s a phase most course creators tend to just ignore.

His “cascading” strategy includes the best campaign structure to implement as well as recommendations for audiences to test. He does have a strong focus on the use of lookalike audiences early on, but he doesn’t completely neglect interests either.

I agree for the most part with this strategy and it’s also something I recommend to the users of my Facebook interest software; start small and specific, build data first, then gradually go after broader interests and/or lookalike audiences.

The Added Content About Important, Yet Rarely Discussed Topics.

Khalid frequently creates new lessons based on the feedback he receives.

I really like that the newly added content contains lessons about very relevant topics that are rarely discussed in other courses, like: dealing with ad account disables and advertising restrictions, audience overlap and conversion optimisation windows. 

I learned some new things about manual bidding strategies and cost-capping. These are features inside Facebook Ads Manager that I didn’t use before taking this course.

The Emphasis On Learning By Example.

I am a strong believer in learning doing and learning by example. If you want to become a succesful Facebook advertiser, it makes total sense to closely look at what the most succesful Facebook advertisers are doing. Not to exactly copy them, but to replicate their strategies and apply the principles to your own unique situation.

Khalid’s course takes the approach of looking at these “digital native companies” and the Facebook advertising strategies driving their fast growth. Not just examples of how their ads look. But also what you can learn from their account structures, choice of placements and bidding strategies.

These are I would say the things I liked most about his course.

Then the other side of the coin…

What I Didn’t Like About It:

The Newly Added Content Doesn’t Really Fit In.

I think it’s a big plus that it isn’t a static course curriculum and Khalid adds new content regularly. But what I didn’t like about it, is that these newly added lessons don’t really fit into the structure of the original program.

The original course follows a very coherent storyline from beginning to end.

But then it ends with a “Newly Added content!” module with videos that are sometimes much longer and topics that are very relevant but isolated from the original storyline.

I completely understand why it is like this, but I think at some point it would make sense for Khalid to rewrite the original course and add these topics in a logical place.

It Doesn’t Really Cover Interest Research For A Cold Start Campaign.

As I mentioned in the previous section, Khalid has a very strong focus on targeting lookalike audiences. His use of interest-based targeting is limited, and so is the content around this topic in his course. I think this is a bit underexposed topic.

While I do agree that lookalikes are a very effective method for scaling a campaign, I still run campaigns targeted at interests in a very mature campaign. For me it’s not one or the other, but a combination of both. Especially when you’re starting out with a fresh campaign or even a new ad account, you need to build data and make sure that your initial seed audiences are high quality.

Which means you have to target your ideal audience very specifically to make sure these seed audiences will later on result in higher quality lookalikes as well.

The Importance Of Pixel Data Is Highlighted, Without The HOW-TO.

A very important aspect of the course is the focus on “signal volume”.

Both the total number of events tracked by your Facebook pixel as well as the volume of recently tracked events. This is vital to exit the infamous “learning stage” where Facebook will start to optimise for you effectively. No other course covers this topic. 

Everyone who thinks that “the the algorithm is smarter than you” should pay really close attention to these lessons, because in many cases it’s not true.

The course also highlights the importance of data-quality. If you don’t collect clean data to build high-quality seed audiences, Facebook will have a hard time building high-quality lookalike audiences for you as well.

While students are given some recommendations for the implementation of the Facebook pixel, that lesson is just under 6 minutes and only scratches the surface.

I think that in this part of the most course students will feel “advised” about the best practices but without a clear HOW-TO like presented in other parts of the course. 

These were the things that came to mind when I brainstormed things I liked and things I didn’t like about the course. If I think of more, I’ll add them later on.

Time for a final verdict.


Hands down this is the best Facebook ads course out there.

I’ve spent $2,589 on courses with the initial goal of taking notes and creating a better course of my own. I quickly learned that most other courses are outdated and to be honest, most are just knowledge dumps without any actionable advice.

If that was the competition I’m sure I would’ve taken on the challenge 🥊

But I gave up on that idea, because I can’t beat the course Khalid created.

I think he’s doing an exceptional job, proven also by the raving reviews he’s getting from students. 


Even though it’s by far the best course compared to the others I bought, I still feel that I can add unique value from my perspective. Especially when it comes to the topics of interest targeting and a Facebook pixel implementation beyond the basics.

These are things that I feel are missing although I know they will amplify the effect of the strategies Khalid recommends in his course.

As Khalid is mainly an advertising strategy consultant and not a developer, I get why Facebook pixel implementation is underexposed in his course. So that’s why, I’ve decided to fill that gap by creating an exclusive bonus guide around it. I’ll also throw in a bonus workshop related to finding the most profitable Facebook interests to target.

I’ll share the details of these bonuses in the final section of this article.

Anything Else?

Here’s what you should also know about Khalid Hamadeh’s Facebook Ads Course:

  • Lifetime access to the course (including all future content updates) is normally priced at $196 one-time or 3 monthly payments of $95. In my opinion this course is certainly more valuable, especially compared to the other courses I bought. Should you decide to purchase the course through any of the links in this article, then make sure to use coupon code PACO20 during checkout to get a 20% discount applied to your purchase.
  • If you’re not happy with the course there is a 30-day money back guarantee.

My Exclusive Bonus Offer:

In this review I hope I’ve been able to present you with a balanced picture of the course based on my personal experience and comparison to other online courses.

Now it’s up to you.

Check out Khalid’s website yourself to see what the course curriculum looks like and to read and view the reviews given by his students. There’s also a free mini-course you can register for as a taster of his teaching style.

Should you decide make a purchase, I’m inviting you to do that through my referral link. You won’t pay more (20% less even when you use coupon code PACO20), I’ll get a small commission and you’ll get my exclusive bonuses.

What’s the bonus?


I’ve created a practical guide to fill an important gap in Khalid’s course; implementing your Facebook pixel beyond the basics. His course highlights the vital importance of feeding Facebook the right data to increase signal volume and build high-quality seed audiences. But the technical HOW-TO isn’t covered.

My 32-page < Perfect Pixel /> guide aims to fill that gap.

You’ll learn:

  • 4-data driven methods for analysing your unique buyers journey to define exactly how long people should stay in your Facebook custom audiences before they drop out, so you can tailor your Facebook pixel events to that and increase your ROAS.
  • How to use Google Tag Manager (GTM) to install your Facebook pixel way beyond the basics. I’ll show you step-by-step how to setup advanced triggers to make sure that the data you send to Facebook is as clean and effective as possible. 

This exclusive guide is not sold or distributed separately. It’s only available as a bonus and you can even keep it should you refund Khalid Hamadeh’s course.

Next to the guide you’ll also get access to “Interest Targeting Intensive” which is a 45-minute expert training video about researching, profiling and testing Facebook interests. While Khalid acknowledges the importance of interest targeting, his course doesn’t include strategies for finding these.

My 45-minute workshop will fill that gap.

You’ll learn:

  • My repeatable 3-phase process to launch profitable Facebook campaigns.
  • The “but nobody else” criterium to pick interests that clearly define and isolate your perfect target audience. Even when they’re seemingly unrelated…
  • Interest testing strategies to balance your inner scientist vs advertiser.
  • The 10/10K rule I live by when choosing campaign budgets.
  • And even more…

This workshop  is not sold or distributed separately. It’s only available as a bonus for people who purchase our software InterestExplorer and now also as a bonus when you decide to purchase Khalid’s course through any of our partner links.

Like the < Perfect Pixel /> guide, you can also keep the 45-minute Interest Targeting Intensive workshop should you refund Khalid Hamadeh’s course.

Get 20% off with my coupon

When you’re in the checkout process make sure to use the discount code PACO20 to get 20% discount applied to your purchase. It will instantly save you close to $40.

khalid coupon code

How To Get Access To The Bonuses?

To apply for these bonuses, you need to make sure you purchase Khalid’s course through any of the links on this page. Only when a click through my link was the last before your purchase, I’ll be rewarded a commission by the seller. And only then will you get your copy of the the 32-page < Perfect Pixel /> guide and access to the 45-minute Interest Targeting Intensive workshop. The use of my coupon code is not required to get the bonus, you are free to use any other coupon should you get one.

Please send a copy of your invoice to support@interestexplorer.io to confirm your purchase. I’ll then cross-reference the timestamp with the awarded commissions, if you’ve indeed made the purchase through my link I’ll send you the bonuses.

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