How To Report False Advertising On Facebook?

Facebook is at the heart of the social media advertising industry.

Thanks to its massive number of daily active users and advanced advertising tools, marketers around the world love to advertise on Facebook.

Over the years, Facebook Ads has shifted gears to become the go to option for advertisers, beating Google Ads.

According to a statistic: There are over 10 million active advertisers on Facebook as of 2020.

This speaks volumes about the effectiveness of the Facebook Ads, which the social media giant claims has a potential to reach 2.14 billion users.

While billions of advertisers profit from using Facebook’s advertising platform, all follow many instituted strict policies set by the company to protect users from frauds.

Unfortunately, every so often, some scam artists slip by undetected and end up scamming innocent users on the platform.

Facebook understands this and hence has given users the ability to report Ads that appear fraudulent.

In this article, we’ll discuss how to report false advertising on Facebook and understand what happens when you report an advertisement.

Let’s get started…

What do false advertisements look like?

Well, Facebook gives advertisers the freedom to post Ads using many tools.

The only catch is, every advertisement undergoes an Ad review process, in which it is rejected or approved by Facebook.

In the review process, Facebook checks if the advertisement adheres with its advertising policies, and community rules.

This means every advertisement you see on Facebook is safe unless the claims on them are misleading.

For instance, if you order a product but receive something different or the description of the product is entirely different in the advertisement than what you receive.

Well, there are many scenarios where Ads may mislead you to complete an action or invest by offering alluring offers.

How to report false advertising on Facebook?

Although Facebook exercises many measures to avoid frauds through advertisements, sometimes some scam artists slip by undetected.

Hence, the social media giant allows reporting advertisements on Facebook’s platforms, if they violate their advertising policies.

You can report an advertisement at two instances: Presently or later. 

Let’s discuss the steps to accomplish both of them.

Report an advertisement at the moment:

You can report an advertisement when you see it, by following the steps:

  • If you see an advertisement violating Facebook’s advertising policies, click on the three-dotted icon next to the Ad.
  • Now, tap on Report Ad and follow the on-screen instructions.

Report an advertisement later:

Well, Facebook also allows you to report an advertisement later. You can do this by following the steps:

  1. Navigate to the Ad Library.
  2. Here, you’ll find the Search Ads Box, in which enter the keywords related to the advertisement you want to report. You can also enter the name of the advertiser.
  3. Now, find the advertisement and click on the three-dotted icon next to it.
  4. Now, tap on Report Ad and follow the on-screen instructions.

These are the two ways you can report an advertisement on Facebook.

What happens when you report an advertisement on Facebook?

Say, you reported an advertisement, and now you wonder what’s going to happen?

Or Whether the advertiser will see your name?

When you report an advertisement, Facebook reviews it to check whether the advertisement violates the advertising policies and the Community Standards.

This means reporting an advertisement, doesn’t mean Facebook will remove it.

This is because Facebook understands that every so often you mightn’t like something in an advertisement which doesn’t say the posted copy is false.

But if the advertisement fails the review process Facebook will reject it immediately.

You also needn’t worry about the advertiser finding your involvement in reporting the Ad.

This is because unless you are reporting an incident of intellectual property infringement, Facebook keeps your report confidential from the advertiser.


There you have it. Now, you know how to report an advertisement on Facebook. The social media giant allows two instances to report, which is when you see the advertisement or later using the Ad Library. You’ll also know what happens when you report and how Facebook reacts.

Reporting false advertisements on Facebook is a great way to help honest advertisers and users who get scammed by fraudsters on the platform. It also helps Facebook create a safe environment for customers and businesses.

Hence, if you find a false advertisement, you must report it immediately.