Facebook Ad Agencies You Need To Know In 2023

Facebook leads the way of social media advertising with its effective tools and massive user base. 

The social media giant has done an incredible in designing one of the best advertising platforms for businesses around the world. 

Today, Facebook Ads reach 1.95 billion of the total active users and have a potential to reach 2.8 billion people. This alone attracts millions of brands to advertise on Facebook. 

But there are a plethora of advanced tools for unique industries shaped around unique goals you can use to make an impact through advertisements. 

The best part is, Facebook Ads work for all business sizes. This means if you are just starting with Facebook Ads, you can still generate results and grow by many folds. 

But like any other aspect of growing a brand online, there’s a learning curve you must master before unfolding the true potential of Facebook Ads. This often takes time and the process needs you to put consistent efforts. 

Well, if you have ever wondered why a particular brand performs remarkably on Facebook or how some businesses use advertisements effectively to generate revenue, the answer is: They have either put in the time to practice and failed many times before reaching to a stage where the advertisements are fruitful, or they use some kind of magic to get things done.

While you might want to get your hands on a magic lamp that will grant your wishes, in the social media world this magic comes from Advertising agencies. 

Facebook Ad agencies are the defining pillars of some of the most successful online brands. This Is because they are typically run by a team of experts having decades of experience with Facebook advertisements. 

These agencies help individuals and brands around the world regardless of their company size to generate results through Facebook advertisements. 

But you can’t just pick any agency in the market. This is because only a few produce genuine results.

So, which service is the best for your business?

Well, this depends on many factors, but there are some Facebook Ad agencies you can trust with your requirements.

In this article, we’ll discuss some of the absolute best Facebook Ad agencies you can pick to help grow your brand.

Let’s get started…

Why do you need a Facebook Ad agency?

Most businesses, especially the new ones, think they need a Facebook Ad agency to manage their advertisement department. 

Well, Facebook Ad agencies are products you can invest in, and they’ll likely produce results for your business. 

But you must understand the true need of investing in an agency. 

This will help you make the calculated decisions which will bear fruit eventually. 

So, before discussing the best agencies, let’s go through some reasons you might need a Facebook Ad agency.

High-quality Ad Creatives

Creatives are the most critical aspect of any advertisement. They are often the difference between a successful advertising campaign and an unsuccessful one. 

This is because creatives help in grabbing the attention of your target audience and pass the message. They also help understand the behavior of unique audience segments. 

Hence, you need to use only high-quality creatives. This means high-resolution images, masterly edited videos, and compelling copies written from trained copyeditors. 

Well, you can’t just assume the role of professionals and do everything. This is where Facebook Ad agencies come in. They have dedicated teams for creating top-quality creatives that resonate with the audience.

Data Analysis

Data is a superpower for businesses. Information on audiences, metrics on their behaviors and performance data of advertisements/campaigns play a crucial role in making better decisions and adjusting strategies to generate maximum results. 

To get most out of your tracked actions, you need to analyze every bit of data consistently and hence draw important insights. 

This’s a tough task, especially if you don’t possess the knowledge to understand unique metrics. Furthermore, brands often struggle to analyze the massive amount of data coming in from many sources. 

If you draw incorrect insights, you might make terrible decisions and harm your campaigns. 

Facebook Ad agencies take care of this because they have experts, even teams just for analyzing data and often suggest effective strategies based on the insights.

Consistent High ROI

Getting results from running Facebook advertisements isn’t just about using the best creatives or analyzing data. 

The whole point of using Facebook Ads is to get results in return for the investment you are making. 

This gets decided by the Return On Investment aka ROI metric. The more ROI you have, the more successful your campaign is. 

To achieve this, you need to have remarkable knowledge of how Facebook Ads work, and implement correct strategies in optimal situations. After all, you want to avoid wasting your hard-earned money for little to zero results. 

This Is where Facebook Ad agencies are a massive help. 

An experienced agency guides you through all the steps of your campaigns and executes the most effective strategies to generate maximum ROI consistently.

How to choose a remarkable Facebook Ad agency?

Well, now you know how Facebook Ad agencies help brands get results from Facebook advertisements, it’s time you ask some critical questions. 

There are many pointers or questions you need to ask before investing in an agency. 

This is because only a few agencies keep their promise, while others burn your budget bearing zero results. 

Hence, let’s discuss some checkboxes you must tick while deciding on a Facebook Ad agency.

Facebook Blueprint Certification

The technological giants of the modern world like Facebook, and Google understand there’s a learning curve to their products. 

Hence, to maintain a certain level of quality for advertisers, they have introduced courses paired with online examinations to teach interested individuals the true functions of the products. 

Facebook in 2016 launched the Blueprint Certification for budding advertisers who wish to learn Facebook Advertising. 

To get certified, you need to crack a series of three online exams which gives you certifications in Media Buying and Media Planning. 

Any agency with a Blueprint Certification knows everything about creating, running and tracking Facebook Ads.

Hence, you must look for agencies with a Blueprint Certification paired with years of experience.

Industry and Advertising Expertise

You might have come across situations where you have loads of responsibilities and no matter how much you try, the results don’t come. 

Say, you run a designing company. There are many aspects of a designing company. 

You need someone to make the designs, another person to take care of the business side of the company like taxes, payments, someone to manage the customer support and more.

What if you do everything without assigning roles to individuals or experts in these departments? 

This would not only drain your energy but also affect your company in many ways. 

The bottomline is, you get maximum results when experts run departments of their expertise. 

Similarly, there are many Ad agencies that offer all-in-one services to manage all aspects of your digital growth. While some of them do it successfully, most don’t. 

Hence, you must look for agencies that have expertise in Facebook Ads alone and most preferably some experience in your industry. This will ensure your money is well spent.

Clear Package & Pricing

The next thing you need to ask an agency is: What do they offer in their package? 

This’s a critical deciding point because many agencies don’t disclose the contents of their packages. 

Say you are investing in an expensive online course, and you are skeptical about it. Before deciding on it, you will definitely look into what you will learn or how the course is going to help you. 

Similarly, before investing in a Facebook Ad agency, you need to ask what they offer in their packages. This will give a better understanding of what you can expect and how it will help your advertising goals. 

You must also ask for a clear pricing. Experienced agencies know what they offer and how much they should charge for the services. This means they offer a clear pricing to their customers depending on the client’s requirements. 

Any agency that denies a clear pricing or insists on flexible rates isn’t worth the time because they will probably overcharge you.

Detailed Plans & Commitment

Let’s take the expensive online course example. 

Well, apart from understanding what you’ll get after completing the course, it’s great to know how the course proceeds throughout the next weeks or months and what approach the mentors will take to help you. 

This means getting a detailed plan or roadmap of the course helps make a sound decision. 

Similarly, you must ask an agency to present you with a roadmap of the most important touchpoints they’ll follow to get results for your brand. 

A remarkable Facebook Ad agency knows its craft and would happily guide you through its working process. 

You also might question them about their commitment to your business. This gets you the assurance that they are serious about the business and are likely to deliver results.

Real-Life Testimonials

Finally, look at real-life testimonials from brands and individuals. If a Facebook Ad agency has many good testimonials, it means they’ll provide you a great experience and achieve the targets. 

This Is because only clients, who are completely satisfied with agencies, go through the trouble to give testimonials.

All these pointers will help you pick a remarkable Facebook Ad agency which you can trust and expect results from. Hence, keep these points in mind before picking an agency.

5 Top Facebook Ad agencies

Well, we went through the reasons you need a Facebook Ad agency and a few pointers you can use to pick one. 

Now, let’s address the main matter. 

In this section, we’ll discuss the top 5 Facebook Ad agencies that rule the market and help giant brands around the world with Facebook Advertising.

Lyfe Marketing

Lyfe Marketing is a small company with less than 50 working members. 

But it’s the best Facebook Ad agency for small businesses. 

This Is because the team understands it is tough for small brands to invest massive sums of money in advertisements. 

Small businesses often have limited budget and try to get the most out of the money 

Lyfe Marketing is transparent in its beliefs to support small businesses to grow. 

With Lyfe Marketing, you get the best cost-effective advertising methods with an expert team to ensure results. 

Every member of the team has years of experience of running and managing Facebook Ads. 

They have a 4.7- and 4.8-star rating on Clutch and Upcity, which speaks volumes about the customer satisfaction that includes brands like Domino’s Pizza, the Atlanta Hawks, and Georgia State University.

Voy Media

Voy Media is a Facebook Ads company that gives you one of the highest returns in the market. 

It takes a performance-based approach through proven strategies to run advertisements for many brands around the world. 

The team excels in providing top- quality Facebook Advertising services including creating effective advertisement copies, A/B testing and more. 

With Voy Media, you can expect a decrease in your Ad’s CPM and CPA with an increase in ROAS. 

While the services aren’t expensive for brands with intent, still you must have an advertising budget of $5000/month. 

They have a 4.5 rating on Yelp and work with companies like Big Life Journal, UMG Gaming, Paw.com, Lacoste, and XG Cargo.


MuteSix takes your Facebook advertising to the next level by delivering results. 

The company believes in a data-driven approach and focuses on high-quality creatives and targeted media buying. 

With MuteSix, you get a team of experts who guide you through the process and help create high-quality ads for your target audience with performance reports and often suggest website design for your business. 

They have an in-house video studio to meet all the creative needs of clients and use the Facebook pixel to track behaviors on your website. 

You can also expect the team to help you build excellent landing pages. 

While MuteSix is a remarkable Facebook agency that helps you decrease the CPA and maximize returns, you require a minimum budget of $20,000 per month in Ads spend. 

If you have the budget you can join the likes of LA Times, National Hockey League (NHL), Headspace, and Chicago Tribune.

Neil Patel Digital

Neil Patel is one of the most influential personalities in the digital world. He has helped thousands of brands and individuals with incredible content and sound guidance to grow online. 

He also leads teams of experienced marketers having massive social proof. 

You can trust the team to help with effective advertising strategies for Ad campaigns, customer targeting and high-quality creatives. 

The best part is everyone at Neil Patel Digital believes and delivers the best version of everything you need to generate results. 

Whether you need Ads around specific objectives, A/B testing, CTA’s or Ad copies, they have got you covered. 

You can expect the team to increase your ROAS by many folds and decrease the cost per lead. 

They have a 4.3-star rating on Glassdoor with a clientele including Google, Viacom, eBay, NBC, TechCrunch Thomson Reuters Foundation and Facebook.


Hibu is an impressive digital marketing agency that provides one of the most aggressive Facebook Advertising packages to clients around the world. 

Starting at just $250 per month, you get a carefully designed social media plan for your business. 

The team has years of experience and helps you set up a Facebook business page to track analytics. 

After learning about your audience, experts create advertisements around your goals, analyze performance and consistently optimize the Ads. 

They also have many real-life testimonials from happy customers including The Mudpie Company, Berry Floor Leveling LLC, Rutzick Law and more.


There you have it. Now, you know the advantages of using a Facebook Ad agency for your business. They not only provide expert guidance at all the steps, but also ensure your money is well spent. You also know the questions you must ask before picking an  Ad agency. We also discussed the top five Facebook Ad agencies you can trust with your business. Each agency offers unique advantages and helps you maximize the returns.