Best Facebook Advertising Tools You Need Right Now

Facebook is the largest social media platform in the world. It’s a people favorite and offers a plethora of incredible features through its mobile and web platforms. 

You can have a great time, sharing: photos, videos, stories, go-live, run pages and businesses with advanced tools. 

Over the years, Facebook has become the go-to platform for brands to advertise their products/services. Thanks to the massive user base, the possibilities to reach and attract millions of potential customers with targeted content is easier than ever. 

This Is why brands spend massive sums on Facebook advertisements that have the potential to reach 2.8 billion people consistently.

Well, the social media giant provides many tools specifically designed for marketers to create, run and track the performance of advertisements on the platform. 

While these tools are remarkable, there are instances where you might need third-party services to help you achieve what Facebook’s in-platform tools can’t. 

This Is where you need to make a list of specific tools and understand their functions to stay at the top of your game.

There are hundreds of thousands of tools in the market, and users often get confused by the massive number of options at their disposal. 

But you needn’t worry. 

This is because in this article, we will discuss some of the best Facebook Advertising Tools that successful brands use to drive growth on the platform.

Let’s get started…

What are Facebook Advertising Tools?

Facebook is the most successful social media advertising platform. It even beats Google Ads by a mile. 

The social media giant offers a plethora of advantages to marketers, including the ability to reach billions of people through in-platform advertisements. 

To make this process useful for unique businesses, Facebook provides many tools designed to meet a variety of requirements across unique industries. 

But there are also many third- party companies that provide Facebook Advertising Tools. 

You can use them independently or combine with the in-platform tools to streamline your advertising process and achieve maximum results.

Best Facebook Advertising Tools

Well, the market has thousands of Facebook Advertising Tools and this confuses people what to pick. 

You might’ve come across situations where you must’ve felt a dilemma to select between two services or decide whether a service is crucial to your brand’s advertising strategies. 

In this section, we’ll go through some of the best Facebook Advertising Tools you can use for your business.

Facebook Ads Manager

Facebook Ads Manager is Facebook’s native tool that manages every aspect of your advertising journey and gives you access to many other marketing tools. 

With the Ads Manager you can create, run, track, schedule advertisements and manage your target audience. 

You get to use a plethora of filters to narrow down large audience segments to find your target audience based on gender, location, age, interests, and more.

The best feature of Facebook Ads Manager is, it is super simple to get started. You needn’t follow a long learning curve to use the marketing tools.

Whether you need to pick the most profitable audience, upload multiple Ads, perform A/B testing or get real-time insights of Ads performance, the Ads Manager has got you covered.

The social media giant also offers a mobile application for the Ads Manager, which you can use to manage everything you can do on a desktop computer. 

This Is great when you don’t have access to a computer but need to edit or reset your budget immediately.

Tip: Facebook Ads Manager is one tool you must master to derive maximum results from advertisements.


AdExpresso is one of the most liked Facebook Advertising tools in the market. Its simplicity and powerful functions make it a must-have tool for any advertising strategy. 

The tool helps you to create, test and optimize advertisements for your campaigns. You can also create complex campaigns and split test multiple Ads automatically. 

Getting results from advertisements largely depends on understanding insights to find what’s working and what’s not. This helps you to make calculated risks and change strategies according to audience behavior around the advertisements. 

You can achieve this easily by setting customisable dashboards on AdEspresso to pin analytics and top-performing Ads. The tool also lets you measure deep analytics and auto-generate PDF reports with campaign performance.


AdStage takes the advertising experience to the next level. It’s a remarkable tool that helps you manage Ads on various social platforms. 

Say, you are a brand that runs Ads on 3-4 social networks. Well, this means understanding the performance of Ads from each platform must take consistent effort and a long time. 

This Is where AdStage makes your life easier. 

Using this tool, you can create your custom dashboards to bring analytics from all the social networks to one dashboard. This helps in understanding the broader picture of your online presence. 

You can also use many inbuilt templates to get started.


Qwaya is an incredible Facebook Ad software that helps you manage and optimize Ad campaigns on Facebook. 

Millions of professionals around the world use Qwaya for A/B testing to generate advanced reports with side-to-side comparisons. You can filter the results to learn insights and target the most-profitable audiences.

Another superb feature of Qwaya is scheduling Ads. The software lets you schedule campaigns at targeted days and times when your ROI is highest. 

You can also create using a collection of ad templates and use the Qwaya search engine to find high-quality target audiences. 

While there’s a learning curve to Qwaya, there’s also a 14-day free trial you can use to understand how it can help your brand.

Hootsuite Ads

If you want to grow your brand on social media, Hootsuite is one name you must have heard at least once. 

This is because it’s one of the best social media management services in the market. The company offers a plethora of products to help businesses grow on many networks. 

Hootsuite Ads is a product from the company that helps you manage Facebook Ads easily. 

The best feature is that it is beginners friendly. Even if you don’t have the knowledge, the tool guides you with simple instructions to create high-quality Ads. 

You can use it to find the best performing posts from your Facebook page, and define goals for specific Ads. 

You also get your hands on analytical reports on campaign performances and the opportunity to manage paid and organic content in a central location.


AdRoll helps you target specific audiences and gain critical insights from campaign performances. This tool supports multiple advertisement formats and lets you explore many placements on Facebook and Instagram. 

The most attractive feature of AdRoll is its cross-device reach. This makes retargeting audiences simple.

Say a user interacted with your website but didn’t complete the desired action. Now, you can retarget the user with advertisements on their Facebook feed and influence them to click on the advertisements to complete the action. 

AdRoll makes this process super simple and helps boost brand awareness with its broad Ad targeting capabilities. 

The company provides a 90-day free trial you can use to get started.


Driftrock is a Facebook Advertising Tool that goes above and beyond to help you stay at the top of the advertising game. 

You can use it to create high-quality, attractive advertisements with a few clicks and boost them. 

The company also helps you create Facebook Custom audiences and target similar audiences.

 One of the most tough aspects of managing advertisements on social networks is understanding the optimal times to run the Ads to get maximum results. 

Driftrock takes this process to the next level. It lets you trigger ads based on weather, TV schedules and many other signals. This’s a remarkable feature that allows you to run Ads at the most optimal hours and hence maximize the ROI.

HubSpot Ad Management Software

HubSpot Ad Management Software is an all-in-one tool that helps you manage and run every aspect of Facebook advertising. 

You can use the software to create Ads using the built-in editor and track the behavior of your leads. 

For instance, you can track which advertisement a user clicks on before converting or completing a desired action. 

The free version of the software offers many tools like; form and popup builder, live chat and chatbots, landing page builder but with the paid version, you can unlock countless possibilities.

You can automate the retargeting process depending on the previous interactions of potential leads, get detailed analytics and more.


There you have it. Now you know some of the best Facebook Advertising Tools successful brands use for growth on the platform. Facebook’s native advertising tools paired with third-party tools help you in many ways to beat your competitors. While some of these tools offer an all-in-one service, others serve a specific purpose. But all of them are remarkable services which you can use to manage Facebook advertisements.