15 best Facebook ads spy tools (free & paid)

Do you wish to spy on competitor Facebook ads? Are you looking for a tool that can help you analyze your competitors’ advertising strategy on Facebook and beat them at their own game?

You’re on the right page!

Our team recently tested about 25 tools that do exactly this, and in this comprehensive guide, we bring you the 15 best Facebook ads spy tools for businesses, marketers, dropshippers, and agencies.

What are Facebook ads spy tools?

Facebook ads spy tools are software solutions you can leverage to monitor or spy on your competitors’ Facebook ads whenever you want. With these tools, you don’t need to wait until their ads appear on your timeline. You just spy on them at will.

Typically, these tools that let you view competitors’ Facebook ads give you insights into what they do with Facebook and how they use it to grow their brands.

How do Facebook ads spy tools work?

The best Facebook ads spy tools are often connected to the Facebook Ad library, and they automatically pull data from there into their databases. A few other tools let you pick and save ads as you want.

Either way, what really makes them special is the host of other features that let you filter, analyze, and research the database to find the specific ads you want to see and their data.

As we proceed with the list of the best free and paid Facebook ad spy software, we’ll cover the features each tool offers, their pricing, and their pros and cons.

Are Facebook ads spy tools important?

Indeed, Facebook ads spy tools are important if you want better results from your ads. Being a type of competitor analysis tool, they can help improve the performance of your campaigns if used correctly.

Since they are Facebook ads competitor analysis tools, they let you study the ads that target your ideal customers. This way, you can reverse-engineer the best-performing ones easily and leverage your findings to launch informed campaigns with higher success chances.

That said, we do not recommend copying a competitor’s ad verbatim and running it as your own. That may lead to legal problems. Besides, it is against Facebook’s advertising policy to use content that infringes on another person’s intellectual property rights.

How to choose a Facebook ads spy tool

Choosing a Facebook ads spy tool is easy. You can pick one in 3 steps:

  • Compare features: study the features of each tool listed below and shortlist the ones you prefer. The best features include a huge ads database, a Chrome extension, and extensive search and filter parameters.
  • Compare pricing: after features, the next thing is pricing. If you find multiple Facebook ads spy software that offer the features you want, compare their prices and shortlist the ones that fit your budget.
  • Get the free trial: we’ll never recommend paying for a product without first test-running it. Take your time to use the product and feel it out. You may discover that the pricey product performs below your expectations or that the cheap one is not worth your money at all.

During the free trial, try as many features as you can. Once you find one that works well for you, you’re good to go!

Without further delay, let’s see the top tools that can help you spy on your competitors’ Facebook ads!

15 best Facebook ads spy tools

Here is an exhaustive list of the best Facebook ads spy tools out there:

  1. AdvertSuite
  2. AdFlex
  3. AdSpy
  4. PowerAdSpy
  5. Dropispy
  6. Foreplay
  7. Minea
  8. MagicBrief
  9. AdsLibrary
  10. ConnectExplore
  11. Facebook ads library
  12. Minea free account
  13. AdEspresso
  14. PowerAdSpy free account
  15. Swiped

10 best Facebook ads spy tools comparison

1. AdvertSuite

AdvertSuite prides itself as a platform that can help you find successful Facebook ads in your niche so you can replicate them and make fast profits yourself.

best Facebook ads spy tools

With the release of AdvertSuite 2.0, the platform now has over 80M ads saved in its databases where you can easily find successful ads from your niche.

One of the best things about AdvertSuite is that it lets you search using your target audience filters such as age and keywords. This feature is impressive since it helps you find the right ads quickly, and that makes it one of the best Facebook ads spy tools around.

While AdvertSuite says you can simply copy and implement successful ads, we do not recommend doing that.

Relevant features

  • 80M ads database: AdvertSuite’s website says it has over 80 million past and active ads in its database. This means you can find successful ads in most (if not every) niches and countries of the world.
  • Advanced search mode: On AdvertSuite, you can search for ads by keywords, specific advertiser name, or domain name. You can also sort the results by newest, running longest, likes, comments, shares, and views.
  • Support for more platforms: while the core AdvertSuite system supports only Facebook ads, you can get the “Syndication” upgrade to get Instagram, Google, and YouTube.


AdvertSuite offers only a one-time payment of $57 for full access:

AdvertSuite pricing plans

Pros and cons


  • Large Facebook ads database
  • Shows both live and past ads
  • Affordable one-time payment 


  • No free-trial period
  • No free version

2. AdFlex

For digital marketers looking to make the most of Facebook and native ad platforms, AdFlex promises to help “do the same but smarter.”

Facebook ads analysis tool

The metrics from Adflex say it has a database of over 80 million ads in 80+ countries from over 15 advertising platforms, Google inclusive.

As our team blazed through the different features offered on AdFlex, it quickly became clear that the platform ranks high among the best Facebook ads spy tools. Not because it supports multiple platforms, but because of its Facebook ads analysis tools only.

You can start your Facebook ads search by entering a keyword, after which you can begin to select your desired search filters.

First with targeting, you can find ads based on the region (country), interest, gender, and age. You can filter based on ad type placement, media format, and more. 

You can also filter the results based on engagements, ad running time, or landing page techs such as CMS, affiliate network, e-commerce, and others.

For each Facebook ad you view, you’ll get a summary including details such as the advertising page, brief ad text, image, landing page URL, number of reactions, and more.

These features and filters can help you find untapped targets for your ads or even revamp your strategy altogether.

Relevant features

  • Comprehensive ads summary: you get enough detail on the ads summary page that you don’t even need to view the live ad for further analysis.
  • Advanced search and filter features: the search and filter parameters on AdFlex can help you find ads even in the tiniest niches. 
  • Wide platform support: its support for over 15 ad platforms makes it a one-stop shop for everything “ad spy.”


AdFlex offers 3 subscription tiers: Basic, Pro, and Enterprise.

AdFlex pricing

The Basic tier is just a free trial plan that gives you access to most of the features on the platform for 30 days. While it’s very fair, it does have some limitations.

The Pro tier costs $99.99 per month, and you get every feature you need for a successful Facebook ad competitor analysis.

The Enterprise tier requires you to contact the sales team, and it offers every AdFlex feature with some cherry on top. 

Pros and cons


  • AdFlex has one of the most attractive user interfaces among the best Facebook ads spy tools. It’s also very easy to use.
  • It is an all-in-one solution for marketers who advertise on multiple platforms and wish to spy on successful ads.
  • The 30-day free trial is an impressive feat and may be useful for new and small businesses.


  • The homepage claims they have 5k+ reviews on Capterra and GetApp, but we couldn’t their profile on either platform. That raises issues on trust.

3. AdSpy

AdSpy is no doubt among the best Facebook ads spy tools on the market based on its stats and features. It is designed to help you discover compelling campaigns and also save a fortune on testing campaigns.

best Facebook ads spy tools on the market

Speaking of stats, AdsSpy has a huge ads database of over 158 million and counting, with over 24 million advertisers listed.

What we find confusing is that AdSpy claims to have ads from 223 countries even though the world has 195. That’s probably an oversight. Besides, what’s important are its features, and they are amazing.

The most important features of any Facebook ads spy tool are the search parameter and the data it offers.

With AdSpy, you can easily discover Facebook ads and then filter them with other-worldly precision using parameters like age, gender, website, and several others.

With this tool, you can easily monitor competitor brands and see what works in your industry.

Relevant features

  • Huge ads database: AdSpy has a humongous ad database with over 185M ads. However, it’s worth mentioning that this database contains ads from both Facebook and Instagram.
  • Impressive search and filter: few Facebook ads competitor analysis tools come close to AdSpy in terms of search and filter features.
  • Massive data: AdSpy has massive data on the ads saved in their database. You get to see the ads you spy on in more detail than most platforms offer.


AdSpy offers a single subscription tier of $149 per month for access to all of its features.

AdSpy pricing

Pros and cons


  • AdSpy has one of the largest ad databases and it’s still growing
  • The platform is easy to use, especially with the design of the search form and results
  •  Perfect for most businesses, including agencies, enterprises, e-commerce, and even affiliates.


  • AdSpy offers no free trial. You must pay to see even the smallest of data
  • There is no knowledge base to read extensively about features. You get to find out after payment.

4. PowerAdSpy

Of all the premium Facebook ads spy tools we tested, PowerAdSpy offers the most comprehensive toolset. And that’s why it’s taking the top spot on this list.

premium Facebook ads spy tools

The most notable of its features is that it supports all major social media platforms and even Google. Next is its impressive database that contains over 350 million ads from over 100 countries.

A look through PowerAdSpy’s “features” page will tell you that it can find hidden niches and lucrative opportunities for you, and that’s not far from the truth. 

PowerAdSpy lets you filter ads by position such as newsfeed or sidebar. It also displays comprehensive ad analytics right on your dashboard and lets you visit the live ad posts directly from the platform.

You can easily search ads based on your niche keywords, advertisers, or competitor domain name. You can then filter those results by date or engagement.

You can search ads by call-to-action to see what call-to-action works best in your niche, and you can search ads with exact or relevant keywords to retrieve precise and broad results for better analysis.

Relevant features

Most features have already been mentioned, but here are the most notable:

  • Huge database and multi-platform support: PowerAdSpy holds millions of ad data across multiple notable social platforms.
  • Advanced search and filters: PowerAdSpy has the most filter and search parameters among the tools we tested, letting you find highly targeted ads.
  • Save ads on the go: the platform also offers a Chrome extension that lets you save ads on the go.


PowerAdSpy pricing plan is somewhat complex, given that it offers 7 subscription tiers:

PowerAdSpy pricing
  • Free
  • Basic at $69 per month
  • Standard at $129 per month
  • Premium at $179 per month
  • Platinum at $279 per month
  • Titanium at $349 per month
  • Palladium at $399 per month

Pros and cons


  • Advanced search and filters
  • Huge database
  • Chrome extension
  • Free account


  • The registration form is too long
  • Requires phone number verification rather than email
  • A bit pricey

5. Dropispy

Dropispy is a Facebook ad spy software designed specifically for dropshippers. It is from the stables of AdSpy, which explains why it’s so good.

Facebook ad spy software

Dropispy is geared toward making social media advertising easy for dropshippers by letting users look at competitors’ Facebook ads. 

If you’re a dropshipper, Dropisy is an impressive platform you might need to check out. It displays a list of the top dropshipping stores for you to check their websites and ads. You’ll also see their best-performing products and what ads run for those products.

If you’re looking to grow your dropshipping store through Facebook ads, Dropispy has a database of 50M+ e-commerce ads. You can filter by dropshipping ads, last-seen winning products, and high-engagement ads.

You can also use other demographic filters such as country, language, sex, and age. They also recently added a filter that lets you search by text. 

With Dropispy, you can easily find new products, ideas, and niches from the numerous ads you come across.

Relevant features

  • Huge Facebook ads database: with over 50 million ads and counting, Dropispy has one of the largest databases around
  • Extensive filter parameters: on Dropispy, you can filter through your ad results by creative, target e-commerce platform, CTA, and engagement
  • Shop Spy: with the shop spy feature, dropshippers can easily spy on the best dropshipping stores in the world, see the ads list of a particular store, or see real-time metrics on competitors.


Dropispy offers free and two paid subscriptions: Premium and Business.

Dropispy  pricing

The premium plan costs $29.90 per month, while the business plan costs 249.90 per month.

Pros and cons


  • Dropispy’s focus on dropshipping and e-commerce ads makes it a highly valuable platform for dropshippers and store owners.
  • Quite affordable at a starting price of $29.90
  • The interface is friendly and easy to use


  • Extreme restrictions on the free account

6. MagicBrief

MagicBrief is another tool that lets you spy on competitor Facebook ad campaigns, though it’s not directly similar to AdvertSuite.

Best Facebook ads spy tools

MagicBrief was originally designed as a platform for collaborating with creatives, but then it evolved.

First, it launched a Chrome extension that lets you save ads from Facebook, TikTok, and Instagram in one click. So when you come across an ad, you can save it to your “Magic dashboard” to create a personal swipe file. You can also add team members and they can save ads to your dashboard.

Later, MagicBrief added a new feature called “Discover,” a database of existing ads where you can search for and save ads to your swipe file. At the moment, Discover boasts a whopping 500,000 ads to search from.

From your dashboard, you can create briefs for creatives and collaborate with them easily, which makes it a good choice for agencies and creative teams.

Relevant features

  • Chrome extension: MagicBrief’s Chrome extension gives you control over what ads to save, creating a personal swipe file tailored for you alone.
  • Discover: magicBrief’s ads database has been growing; from 25,000 when it launched to 500,000+ at the time of this writing.
  • Block brief creator: the brief creator helps you create attractive content briefs for creatives and collaborate with them from a single dashboard.


MagicBrief offers two pricing tiers: Pro and Business.

MagicBrief pricing

The Pro tier starts at $29/month for 1 user plus $9 per additional member. You can have up to 10 members for $110 per month. There’s also a 5-day free trial period before you’re required to make payment. 

For the Business tier, you’ll have to contact the sales team, but you get unlimited seats and a couple of other sweet perks.

Pros and cons


  • Control over what ads you save, so you have a personalized swipe file
  • Easy collaboration with creatives
  • Block brief editor


  • Small ads database. Though you can always save yours
  • No advanced filters or ad information such as running time and likes and comment count.

7. Minea

Minea is another one of the best Facebook ads spy tools you can work with as a dropshipper. However, it is engineered more for product search than Facebook ad competitor analysis, which is why its homepage talks more about product lists and e-commerce than ad campaigns.

best Facebook ads spy tools

Despite being designed for product search, Minea’s ads database and the plethora of tools that let you find and analyze Facebook ads make a worthy mention for this list.

Like most other tools on this list, Minea has a Chrome extension you can use to save ads on the go as you browse through Facebook. However, its database is rich enough for you to find several interesting campaigns.

The first page after login takes you to the ad database. From there, you can search for competitors’ Facebook ads by keywords. After the search, you filter the results using the options on the left sidebar. 

You can filter the results by date, media type, CTA, e-commerce platform, engagement, and advanced targeting such as age, sex, and country.

Minea also has a shop spy section that lets you research specific shops and their ad campaigns. However, it is only available in the premium plan.

Relevant features

  • Engineered for dropshippers: Minea is an ideal choice for dropshippers as it helps you kill two birds with one stone: spying on your competitors’ Facebook ads and finding winning products for your store.
  • Supports multiple platforms: Minea doesn’t only help you target Facebook. You also gain access to ads from Pinterest and TikTok.
  • Impressive ad search features: the ads search features on Minea are quite impressive, even though you only get some of them at the highest subscription tier. They include magic search, shop spy, influencer ad spy, and several others.


Minea offers 3 paid subscription tiers: Starter, Premium, and Business.

Minea pricing fro ads spy tools

The Starter plan costs $39 per month, and it offers the Facebook ads spy tool and all its features.

Upgrading to the Premium plan costs $79 per month, and it gives you everything in Starter and more ad spy tools.

With the Business plan, you get everything Minea has to offer at $319 per month.

Pros and cons


  • It’s very easy to get started with Minea. Registration is quite fast, and overall navigation is straightforward.
  • Using the Facebook ads spy tool is also easy. Having the filters on the left sidebar rather than in a dropdown is also a good thing.
  • Minea’s free plan is better than most other ad spy tools around.


  • The homepage information provides vague information and too much is left for the assumption. You can’t tell at a glance what the platform does exactly.
  • The credit-based system enforces limitations on usage, especially for lower plans.

8. Foreplay

Foreplay is marketed as offering “the complete winning ad workflow” as it lets you save ads, build briefs, and produce high-converting Facebook ads at scale.

Facebook ads competitor analysis tool

As we tested this tool, one thing that jumped out was its similarity to MagicBrief. Matter of fact, the major difference between them is Foreplay’s Spyder, a new feature that literally lets you track a specific brand and get insights on every Facebook ad they launch.

This Spyder feature on Foreplay makes it a proper Facebook ads competitor analysis tool as it lets you automate spying on your competitors.

Foreplay also boasts an ads database holding more than 2M ads data. That’s significantly larger than MagicBrief’s 500K. It also has a Chrome extension that lets you save ads to your swipe file on the go.

Another impressive feature you’ll find on Foreplay is the AI included in the high-end subscription tier that provides AI script writing and AI storyboards

Relevant features

  • Spyder: this is no doubt one of the best features on Foreplay, especially considering the fact most other platforms don’t offer something similar.
  • Foreplay mobile: the mobile app lets you take Foreplay with you everywhere you go, and you can easily save ads to your account from your mobile.
  • Impressive filter parameters: the search and filter parameters let you find target ads easily. The available filters include ad format, platform, language, status, and niche


Foreplay offers two subscription tiers: Inspiration and Full Workflow.

Foreplay pricing

On Inspiration, you get all the Facebook ad spy and brief creation features for $49 per month.

On Full Workflow, you get everything in Inspiration along with an AI script writer and some other nice perks for $99 per month.

Pros and cons

  • Foreplay is a very straightforward platform. Registration takes less than 30 seconds and takes you right to “Discover” to get started.
  • The Chrome extension lets you save the particular ads you want to your swipe file. You’re not restricted to Foreplay’s database
  • We also find the mobile app impressive as it lets you save ads to your swipe in just a few clicks.

9. AdsLibrary

AdsLibrary is very similar to MagicBrief in that it has a Chrome extension that can help you view competitors’ Facebook ads at will.

how to view competitors' Facebook ads

AdsLibrary lets you save ads from Facebook, TikTok, and Instagram, using the Chrome extension. However, there’s a slight twist to how you’ll spy competitors’ Facebook ads using this tool.

Once you have the extension in your browser, you simply open the Facebook Ads Library and search for a brand of your choice. On the results list, you’ll see “Save to AdsLibrary” on each ad and you can easily save them from there.

In the extension, there’s also a feature that lets you download these ads to your computer rapidly.

AdsLibrary helps you monitor the active status of your saved ads and record the running time. It also offers a “Discovery” section where you can view 600k ads saved by the community on your dashboard. However, it doesn’t let you spy on Facebook ads targeting information.

Relevant features

  • Chrome extension: the Chrome extension embeds itself into ads and lets you save them in one click.
  • Discovery: AdsLibrary’s discovery lets you see ads saved by the community. According to them, thousands are added daily.
  • Platform support: Adslibrary supports Facebook, TikTok, and Instagram.


On AdsLibrary, you get two pricing tiers: Basic and Advanced.

The Basic tier costs just $39 per month for one user. If you’d like to collaborate with your team, then the Advanced tier is the best choice at $99 for 3 users. You can also enjoy a 7-day free trial before going pro.

Pros and cons


  • AdsLibrary is effortless to use with little to no learning curve. The platform also provides a “how to use” page.
  • Full control over the ads you save to your account.
  • Muti-featured Chrome extension with the feature to download ads


  • Only one user is allowed for Basic and just 3 for Advanced, so it’s not ideal for large creative teams.

10. ConnectExplore

ConnectExplore is an extension of Connectio, a Facebook marketing automation platform that helps marketers get more results with Facebook ads. It is designed to help you find laser-targeted interests you can use in your Facebook ads.

Best facebook ads spy tools

The idea behind ConnectExplore is that it helps you find “untapped interests your competitors can’t find.” Targeting those interests in your Facebook ads then lets your campaigns perform much better.

In any case, ConnectExplore is connected to the Facebook ads library API where all of its data comes from.

When you access the ConnectExplore dashboard, you start by entering a keyword, enriching your search using search extensions, and hitting search. When the results are displayed, you can select those that are closely related to your campaign and then click “show suggestions” to see even more targeted interests.

With ConnetExplore, you don’t directly analyze your competitors’ ads. However, the results you’ll get from it are based on data collected from past and existing ads in your niche. So it’s more like it analyzes your competitors’ ads while you do some tweaking here and there.

Relevant features

  • Connection to Facebook ads library: an essential feature of any Facebook ads spy tool is the ability to get data directly from Facebook.
  • Advanced interests targeting: the way ConnectExplore works is like doing keyword research but for Facebook ads rather than Google SEO.
  • Facebook page connection: you can connect your Facebook account/page to ConnectExplore and just export the interests you’re targeting to your ad account in one click.


ConnectExplore pricing

ConnectExplore asks for a one-time payment of $197 to gain lifetime access to the entirety of its abilities. With that, you also get a 14-day free trial of ConnectSuite.

Pros and cons


  • Access to high-value interests you can target within your niche on Facebook can be a game-changer for your campaigns
  • Lifetime access for a one-time payment of $197 can be a sweet deal. Although we don’t know what happens if the tool gets an update
  • 30-day money-back guarantee if your expectations are not met


  • A feature that lets users see current or past running ads for the displayed interest is not present, even though the tool thrives on Facebook’s ad library
  • No free trial to get a feel for the tool. A free trial would be better than a money-back guarantee.

5 best free Facebook ads spy tools

For sole proprietorships and solo social media managers looking for free Facebook ad spy tools, here are a few to consider.

1. Facebook Ads library

The Ads Library is the best free Facebook ad spy tool out there. It was launched in 2019 to increase advertising transparency due to the many allegations against Facebook and its influence in politics.

best free Facebook ad spy tool

The Facebook Ads Library aims to provide more visibility into the ads running on Facebook, including information about social issues, elections, and politics. It allows users to search for specific ads, and view their spending, reach, and funding entities, making it 

To get started, visit the Ads library page, select a target country and ad category, enter a keyword, and press “Enter” on your keyboard.

Once the result page comes up, you can then apply filters such as language, advertiser, platform, media type, and others to see your competitors’ ads.

Relevant features

  • The Ads library is the source of every other Facebook ads spy tool out there, so it has the largest database of them all. If there’s a competitor whose ads you can’t find elsewhere, you’ll certainly find it here.


Free of charge! 

Pros and cons


  • Free access to all data without restriction
  • Getting started is easy, and it’s generally easy to use


  • You won’t get any of the extra features provided by 3rd party services
  • You can only build a swipe file manually by copying ad URLs to a document
  • You can only see Facebook and Instagram ads since it’s a database of ads from the Metaverse

2. Minea free account

Minea is one of the platforms listed above as one of the best Facebook ads spy tools. One of the impressive about Minea is its free account which grants users access to their Facebook, Pinterest, and TikTok ads database.

best free Facebook ad spy tool

Upon creating an account, you get 350 credits, which is for the free trial. However, Minea’s homepage boldly says you can get a free account for life if you refer 10 new users.

Certainly, there may be conditions attached to that, but it’s a way to get a Minea account for free.

Relevant features

  • Ads database: Minea’s free account lets you access the ads database freely. Your 350 credits are not deducted until you perform a search or engage in some other tasks. However, you can still use the filters for free.
  • Access to all features after referring 10 users.


  • Free of charge to use the ad database
  • Refer 10 users for full access

Pros and cons


  • Access to the ads library and its filter features


  • Advanced features like dropshipping filter, shop spy, products spy, and others are completely restricted (until you refer 10 users, maybe).

3. AdEspresso

AdEspresso is a Hootsuite service that lets you launch ad campaigns across multiple platforms at a time. It also lets you research your target audience and split-test ads. However, it also has a “Facebook ads examples” page that can help you launch better campaigns.

best free Facebook ad spy tool

While this page is not what you would a Facebook ads database, it contains carefully selected ads that performed well during their run. These ads are also analyzed on the page and you can learn a lot about Facebook campaigns just by reading about them.

Relevant features

  • Analysis of the best Facebook ads from different niches


Free. Registration is not required.

Pros and cons


  • It aims to teach business owners how to create and launch successful ad campaigns on Facebook


  • Reading through the page may be time-consuming.
  • You get to learn nothing about your direct competitors except if they happen to be on the list

4. PowerAdSpy free account

PowerAdSpy is another of the best Facebook ads spy tools we covered above and with its features, a free account is simply generous.

best free Facebook ad spy tools

The best part of PowerAdSpy’s free account is that it gives you full access to all the features available on the platform. It’s just that you have limited ad searches and views.

Relevant features

  • All features are available to the free account, but ad searches and views are very limited.


Free of charge!

Pros and cons


  • Free access to all accounts
  • Payment details are not required


  • Long registration form with mobile phone verification

5. Swiped

Swiped is a digital open-source swipe file maintained by Mike Schauer, a digital marketer. It is a platform where you can get inspiration for your own ad campaigns.

best Facebook ad spy tool

Like AdEspresso’s Facebook ads examples, Swiped analyzes direct-response ads from Facebook and other platforms to find out what makes them so good. 

Mike doesn’t just screenshot and paste ads from Facebook onto Swiped. He reverse-engineers them and writes out key takeaways you can leverage to produce high-converting copy for your own ads.

Relevant features

  • Analysis of successful Facebook ads and insights into what made them work.


Free of charge!

Pros and cons


  • Free access
  • Valuable insights useful for marketers, business owners, and copywriters


  • The chances of you seeing your competitors on Swiped are low because the Facebook ads on the platform are few.


We hope our list of the best Facebook ads spy tools has helped you pick a solution for ads analysis.

One thing you must keep in mind is that these tools are only meant to help get you started with what works in your niche. Ultimately, you’ll want to leverage your findings to make informed decisions, not copy what has been done.

Also, journaling your ads to determine what works for you in the long run is important. Be intentional about identifying the audience, interests, and keywords that bring you the best results. Combine quality research with your creativity and you’ll enjoy the best of Facebook ads!