"This Facebook™ interest software enabled me to build a cold-traffic machine that banks $7.06 for every $1"

All you need to know in 2 minutes and 27 seconds

  • Interest search tool reveals 1000’s of targetable Facebook interests your competition can’t find, so you can avoid the bidding war, be hyper-relevant and increase your return-on-ad-spend.
  • Interest analytics tool unveils hidden interest level performance statistics, so you don’t have spend time and money on split-testing interests - and still know exactly which ones perform.
  • Interest highlighter tool saves you hours of manual copy-pasting by showing you exactly which pages in FB Audience Insights have an associated interest that can be targeted with ads.

Hi there, I'm Paco Vermeulen, the founder and CEO of InterestExplorer.

Our powerful suite of tools is used by thousands of Facebook marketers from 75+ countries.

I run Facebook ads every single day, with a great return (to me that's literally the only metric that counts) ????

But it wasn't always like that...

Let me share a background story.

I'm the entrepreneurial type. I always have a lot of ideas and see new opportunities all around me. Over time I've started a fair number of websites - selling anything from custom printed t-shirts to various ClickBank products to my own online piano courses.

I made sales.

But never very consistently.

Because I relied on organic traffic sources like Google and YouTube. Of course free traffic is great, but you can't control it.

And control was important to me.

Because back then I wanted to be able to make one of my side gigs my main gig.

I wanted to be able to support our family and pay the rent - just from the (passive) income generated by my side-projects.

So I started experimenting with paid ads - to have more control and drive up revenue.

That quickly turned into an obsession.

I chased every new strategy and tactic that I found on blogs and in FB groups. 

But I always ended up looking at the bottom of the "Amount spent" column in FB Ads Manager, knowing I spent more than I made in return.

That's not an effective strategy...

Because of the increasing competition on Facebook, my ad costs increased too.

Most of the campaigns I tested were too expensive - and sooner or later I was forced to turn them off. I had to find a solution first - instead of throwing more money in a leaking bucket.

I started looking.

And at some point, I can't remember where, I read about the existence of the Facebook Marketing API. At first I didn't know what that was.

But as I was desperately looking for the next tactic I could test - I ended up reading...

FB's documentation for developers.

I never ever read manuals - but I'm glad I read this one.

I discovered that there are many more interests you can target on Facebook, than just the ones that are suggested in the Facebook Ads Manager. Literally tens of thousands. Hidden in the FB Marketing API - so unknown to 99% of my competitors. I also learned HOW you should actually use interest targeting on Facebook - something that almost no-one talks about online. And finally I discovered that interests aren't the only objects that Facebook hides...

That's when I realised that the key to Facebook advertising success is to fish where (almost) no-one else is fishing.

By targeting hidden Facebook interests, that (almost) no-one else knows how to find.

Copy, visuals, sales funnels. Sure, that's all important. But meaningless if the targeting is off and you don't reach the right people.

So I fixed my targeting first.

And that paid off. Big time.

The very first test I did using hidden interests was already succesfull. My small experiment outperformed every other campaign I ran before.

In the screenshot below, you'll see ????

I got a 319% ROAS on a cold-traffic campaign ????

Then I optimised my campaign further and I built a cold-traffic acquisition machine.

The screenshot below shows one of my active cold-traffic campaigns. It contains a bunch of ad sets. All targeting the US market. I'm just using interests to target and some basic demographics like age and gender. I exclude all my website visitors in this campaign - so it's 100% cold traffic.

The results speak for itself I think ☝️ 

The average ROAS is 7.06, meaning the campaign banks $7.06 for every $1 I put in.

To be honest... at a larger volume the ROAS dropped a bit obviously.

But still...not too shabby.

While my newfound "Facebook API hack" was effective, it still required a fair amount of repetitive manual work.

It involved copy-pasting, de-duplicating results and formatting. I would still spend hours on targeting research.

To save myself some time I decided to create InterestExplorer, my software that uses the Marketing API to reveal hidden interests in seconds - instead of hours ⏰

And that exact software became a huge success and is now used by thousands of Facebook advertisers that want to outsmart their competition.

Just like you I guess?

PS: To close the loop that started this story: I still work a part-time job that I really like. While it's not necessary anymore from a strictly financial perspective - my side gigs are still not my main gig ????

Don't take my word for it

I built something I needed myself.

Every single day I sell 15-25 software licenses using my own software for targeting and analysis.

But it's not just me...

Thousands of smart marketers use this software (from freelancers to the big firms).

Here's what they said about it:

You need to use a 3rd-party Facebook interest tool, because Facebook's own tools for targeting research are broken!

I assume you know this already.

But just to be sure OK?

When you're using Facebook Ads Manager and type in an interest into the detailed targeting section, Facebook shows a dropdown menu with related interests you could also target: "interest suggestions".

facebook ads interest suggestions

These are all broad interests, with large audience sizes.

The dropdown contains a maximum of 25 interest suggestions.

And Facebook shows the exact same interests to all advertisers.

Mmmm... ????

Why would they do that?

I have two theories.

My first theory is that Facebook wanted to simplify the ads manager interface to not scare off unexperienced advertisers.

My second theory is that they want us to target broad audiences (more impressions to sell) and compete against each other for the exact same audience - because that drives up the bids in the exchange.

Like a bidding war. 

Then there's Facebook Audience Insights...

facebook audience insights page likes

It's a great tool to find relevant page likes (Facebook pages your audience might like).

They are sorted by 'Affinity' to indicate their relevance to your audience. It basically means people in your audience are for example 2471x as likely to like the page compared to everyone on Facebook.

But because pages and interests are two separate things, you often can't target these pages with ads. Problem is; Audience Insights doesn't show you which ones...

The only way to find out is to copy-paste them into Facebook Ads Manager, to see if a matching interest shows up. If you have done this at some point, I don't need to explain the frustration.

So I came up with a clever idea to use the Facebook Marketing API again to build a solution.

I ❤️ Facebook's API.

I've built a Chrome extension that runs in the background when you use Facebook Audience Insights. All the pages that are displayed, will be automatically scraped by the extension.

It then sends these 'words' to the API to check if there is matching interest. If yes, it highlights these words with a "target" Emoji - so you'll know exactly which ones you can target.

Super simple, but very powerful. It will save you hours.

After extensively testing it with a group of beta users, I've decided to throw it in as a bonus when you purchase InterestExplorer (while I could very easily sell it as a separate offer). 

These pieces of software complement each other perfectly to help you find the best interests without spending hours.

Or worse...

99% of Facebook advertisers face these problems:

  • Everyone is targeting the same interests. 
    So in many niches they are saturated. And to be honest, in most cases they weren’t even relevant to start with. Facebook assigns “interests” very easily to people, based on their Facebook page likes, comments , likes, shares, website visits (the pixel is everywhere), etc. But think about it…how “interested” is someone in dogs if they liked a friends photo of their new dog, just to be nice?
  • Ad costs only keep rising. 
    At the moment there are around 6 million advertisers running Facebook ads - that number is growing. Every year the average CPM and CPC across industries rises. At the moment, in our highly optimised campaigns, we see CPM’s between $30 and $50. You can easily double that amount near the end of every quarter, due to increased activity from big corporate advertisers that need to spend their budget. If you need to pay $50 to show you ad to 1000 people and assume an average conversion rate on your website…it means you REALLY can’t afford irrelevance.
  • Testing is an expensive process. 
    If your process is like mine was before; you’re creating many ad sets that target just a single interest per ad set. Then you set a low budget like $10 a day per ad set times let’s say 20 ad sets. That’s $200 per day just to find interests that work. And you’ll probably need to run these ad sets for some day if you want to draw any conclusions as well. For many small advertisers this testing process it just too expensive… all that is left is gut-feeling and a casino-like experience.
  • Bad targeting will cost you. 
    Facebook needs to balance their objective of generating revenue with their mission to be a platform where users want to spend time and engage. This means that if you show an ad to an audience that’s not interested in it (indicated by a low click-through-rate), Facebook will punish you with high ad costs. Let’s be clear, your ad is important. But a very mediocre ad targeted at exactly the right audience might work. While the perfect ad targeted at the wrong audience will never ever work. You'll just pay the price...

Having access to more (hidden) data means having an unfair competitive advantage. Who doesn't want that?

Facebook's tools are seriously lacking.

I've showed you that they just show a fraction of all targetable interests - or they don't show you if interests can be targeted. And I've explained what problems FB advertisers face because of it.

But...that's also a good thing.

I mean, it can only be an advantage to you to have access to more data - if your competition doesn't have the same access.

Because no-one speaks about the Facebook Marketing API, I would say at this point it's still one of the best kept secrets in the online marketing world

InterestExplorer, is built to eliminate all the manual work I was doing before. It's a fully automated solution for you to search, explore, select and export hidden Facebook interests.

Here's how it all works ????

Search for hidden interests related to any topic

Use the search bar to explore any broad topic you're interested in. Within seconds our software will use the Facebook Marketing API to reveal all related interests that can be targeted with ads.

Discover hyper-targeted interests in seconds

Sort the interests by audience size and use the search buttons to open a new tab with a search on Facebook or Google, to quickly assess the relevance of interests you're not familiar with.

Cherrypick the best suggestions to target

Clicking on an interest puts it in your selection box at the top of the page. You can then can copy the contents to the clipboard, save it to a project or export them to a downloadable CSV file.

Save and categorise your finds in projects

Save your interests into projects that you can continue to add to later on. You can create an unlimited number of projects to save and categorise your best interest finds.

Pick a language for localised suggestions

While the Facebook Marketing API will return most interest suggestions in English (en_US), you can also explore some additional interests in all of the other FB supported languages.

Create accounts for your team members

With our Team license you can invite an unlimited number of team members to create their own account. The only condition is that they're on the same email domain (@yourcompany.com).

Engage your clients

Many of our users run agencies. They wanted to create accounts for their clients to they could help find the best Facebook interests (clients should know their business best right?). Our Agency license allows to create up to 10 client accounts to involve them in the campaign setup.

But that's not all...

Interests are not the only hidden Facebook objects

I used to test interests with "single interest" ad sets, meaning I targeted just 1 interest per ad set. Let's say I spent $10 per day per ad set, the testing budget would quickly add up. 

Just to learn which interests worked and which ones I should ignore.

As far as I know, that's still how most Facebook advertisers try to find interests that work.

Because they don't know there are also "hidden interest level statistics".

When you analyse the performance of your campaigns in Facebook Ads Manager, you can look at statistics at the ad account, campaign, ad set and ad level.

But not at the deeper (hidden) level of interests.

So as soon as you add more than 1 interest into your targeting, you can't see which of the targeted interests are actually moving the needle. While this data is available in Facebook's Ads Insights API.

I built an Analytics module that allows you to unlock these hidden interests statistics.

It works like this.

You'll connect your Facebook account and then select your ad account, campaign, ad set and ad.

Our software then uses the Facebook Ads API to pull in these hidden "interest level" stats.

You can see things like impressions, clicks, spend and even purchases per interest - for your ads that use interest targeting (no custom audiences, behaviours, job titles and/or lookalike audiences). 

This is extremely valuable data that you can't get any other way

You'll learn which interests work best for your target audience and which ones you should not use anymore because they're just a waste of your budget. Without first spending all your budget on single interest split-tests. Can you imagine how this would change your way-of-working?

These insights for example helped one of our users find out she was wasting 70% of her ad budget on one of these big "interest suggestions" (thanks Facebook). 

I use it like this.

When I find new interests I want to test, I just add them to my "testing" campaign. Then after a few days I analyse the campaign stats to see if the CTR, CPC etc match my benchmarks. If yes, I'll move them to a "production" campaign to scale the reach ONLY for the interests that perform. 

Scale the winners, kill the losers.

That's how your targeting gets better and better over time!


I just wanted to thank you - and give you feedback on how well the InterestExplorer really works with my meditation funnel! I cloned one campaign, updated the target audience with the search results provided by InterestExplorer - and it is running now on €0,71 instead of €0,88 CPL.

Georg Martinka


The real good stuff that InterestExplorer provides is being able to see the analytics on a granular level for every interest that you select in an ad set. Now instead of having to run $30 per ad set with maybe 10 or 20 different interests, I can throw these into 1 ad set with let's say a $100 a day budget and then use InterestExplorer to find the ones that are moving the needle.

Andrew Molz

So here's the deal ????

If you decide to get an InterestExplorer license today:

  • You'll have access to 1000's of hidden Facebook interests others can't find, without spending hours on research and checking if interests can be targeted. Your first searches will already reveal interests you would've never thought of yourself.
  • You'll spend a lot less on interest testing because the Analytics tool will give you hidden statistics per interest even when they're all stacked or layered in 1 ad set. Say goodbye to guessing what works and burning your budget on split-tests.
  • You'll put Facebook Audience Insights on steroids with our Chrome extension that highlights targetable interests. No more wasted hours of copy-pasting to find out if interests can be targeted, because you can see it at a quick glance. 
  • You'll get all future updates we add to the software - you'll never pay again.

There are various Facebook interest targeting tools available in the market - I've looked at these because a logical question is how our solution compares to alternatives. 

Here’s why InterestExplorer beats everyone else.

1) Our software is integrated with the Facebook Marketing API, which it connects to with every request (search for related interests). In contrast to other softwares, we don’t store any interest data in our database but always do a new real-time request. Therefore you will ONLY see hidden interests that can be targeted right now. FB changes all the time - we adjust in real-time - while others show you old interests that can’t be targeted anymore.

2) Our software is integrated with the Facebook Ads API. While the Marketing API is accessible by any developer, Facebook doesn’t allow everyone to use the Ads API because it connects straight into users Ad accounts. To get permission, you’ll need to be explicitly approved by Facebook after submitting a lot of documentation. After jumping through some hoops we were approved by Facebook to use this API and therefore we can present unique interest performance statistics that alternative softwares can’t give you.

3) Our Chrome extension that highlights targetable interests in Audience Insights, is unique in the market. There is no alternative solution for this time-consuming problem… other than manually copy-pasting interests into Ads Manager to find out if they can be targeted or not.

Without a doubt it’s the best and most complete interest targeting software stack out there - the  very best product at the best price. So feel free to compare - I know you’ll find the same.

Basically it’s a no-brainer to add this “secret weapon” to your arsenal.

And worst-case scenario, what if it doesn't match your expectations? 


No worries, you'll just get your full purchase amount refunded up to 30 days after your purchase with our 100% money back guarantee.

You can even keep the Chrome extension, so the risk is on us 🤔


Grab a lifetime license of your choice.

If you'd like to upgrade later on, you'll just pay the difference. 


Lifetime license


  • Unlimited Interest Searches
  • Unlimited Saved Projects
  • Unlimited CSV Data Exports
  • Interest Analytics
  • Chrome Extension
  • 30 Day No Risk Guarantee
  • All Future Updates Included

All prices exclude VAT which will be calculated at checkout.


Are you compliant with Facebook's policies?

Yes, absolutely. The app uses the Facebook Marketing API to query interest suggestions. That is approved API usage. Next to that Facebook explicitly approved the usage of their Ads Insights API to present you interest level campaign statistics.

Are there limitations on usage?

No, you can explore an unlimited amount of niches, save to as many projects as needed and export all the data you want. 

What's the difference between your licenses?

The Individual license is meant to be used by a single user. Then there is the Team license, which allows you to create sub-accounts for your team members. As long as their email address is using the same email domain as your main admin account (for example @mycompany.com). And finally there is the a Agency license, which allows you to invite unlimited team members and create 10 client accounts (users on different email domains). Contact me if you need more.

How do you compare to alternative solutions?

I've built the best Facebook interest tool at the best price. There's only one serious alternative, ConnectExplore, that costs $197 for a single license (mine sells for $99). Both tools offer hidden interest search and interest analytics. But they don't have team or agency licenses and they don't offer the powerful Chrome extension either. Easy comparison.

Do you offer a free plan or a trial?

No, I do not offer a free plan or trial accounts, but there is a 30-day refund guarantee. This way you can try it risk free and just get your money back if you don't like it and see results.

What's your refund policy?

When the software doesn't meet your expectations, you can request a full refund within 30 days after your purchase.

Which payment methods do you support?

Creditcards through Stripe and PayPal payments. 

Which languages do you support?

The application allows you to choose any of Facebook's supported languages to search for localised interests. Note that Facebook's API will always return the highest number of interests using the locale en_us (to manage expectations).

DISCLAIMER: The results stated above are my personal results. Your results will vary and depend on many factors. This website in not a part of Facebook™ or endorsed by Facebook in any way. Facebook™ is a trademark of Facebook™, Inc.