How this cold-traffic Facebook campaign pocketed $7.06 for every $1 spent by targeting secret interests.

Due to a sharp decrease in the number of available Facebook interests, we have decided to stop selling access to our software. The application will remain available to existing users.

Struggling to get your Facebook ads running profitably?

My weird discovery will surprise you.

For the past few years I've used Facebook ads to promote a wide variety of things. From t-shirts to affiliate offers to now mainly my own digital products.

Facebook ads are still my most profitable paid traffic source, but back in the days it used to be a lot easier than it is now.

There was always competition, but not like today.

What happens when 10+ million advertisers compete with you for the same audiences?

It drives up your ad costs, devours your ROAS and makes it increasingly difficult to run profitable Facebook ad campaigns.

Increasing ad costs are a direct consequence of the ever growing number of Facebook advertisers.

More than 10 million according to a recent count.

The competition amongst advertisers drives up the bids for ad impressions in Facebook's ad auction.

Exactly how they like it.

More reach + more competition equals more profits.

For Facebook that is.

In the beginning it was not that bad but over time my ads became more and more expensive.

To the point where I was forced to turn off campaigns because they were only costing me money.

I had to find a solution first, instead of throwing more money into a leaking bucket.

So I started digging.

Guess what I found?

Facebook buries interests. There are actually thousands you could be using.

These hidden interests are more targeted and the audience contains fewer people whom Facebook incorrectly sees as interested.

Here's what I did:

I removed the "public" interests from my targeting and added these hidden ones.

Then I also layered these to force Facebook to show my ads just to the people in my target audience that shared more than one hidden interest.

Finally I excluded all my website visitors to make sure the campaign would reach 100% cold traffic.

The results were undeniable.

By using these hidden interests, my campaign reached a 706% return on ad spend.

Meaning, I made $7.06 for every $1 spent. To cold traffic.

Even after scaling the volume, the campaign still banked $4.80 using this hidden interest technique.

That's when I realized that the key to turning Facebook ads into profits, is targeting untapped audiences.

When you target interests with low competition (because hardly anyone knows they exist), you drastically slash your costs and improve your ROAS. 

That means you can make more money from the exact same ad spend. 

And use the extra profits to buy more ads!

So how do you unearth the 1000's of hidden interests that Facebook is trying to bury?

Facebook has a backdoor that gives access to more targeting data.

Everyone knows Facebook Ads Manager. Us marketing folks use it to create our ads and setup targeting.

But there's another entrance to Facebook's targeting options.

This one is much less known.

Facebook's Marketing API, created for software developers.

I discovered that through this API you can get access to many more interests than just the handful that are auto-populated inside Facebook Ads Manager.

Literally thousands.

And while they aren't suggested, you can enter them into Facebook Ads Manager when setting up your targeting.

Just like any other interest.

The only way to access the thousands of interests that Facebook hides, is learning how to code or...

with a tool that can see under the surface!



Uncover 1000's of hidden interests you can use to run more profitable Facebook ad campaigns.

This easy-to-use software lets advertisers like you search 1000's of hidden interests via Facebook's API - in seconds!

So you can:

  • Find more profitable interest-based audiences by targeting interests others don't even know exist.
  • Drastically cut down the time you have to spend on audience research, while improving your results.

Let me give you a quick comparison:

Targeting research with Ads Manager

  • Facebook suggests just 25 interests for any input keyword inside Facebook Ads Manager.
  • These same 25 suggestions are given to all advertisers, so they're highly competitive.
  • You'll have to guess input keywords, hoping Facebook returns relevant interests to target.

Targeting research with InterestExplorer

  • InterestExplorer uses Facebook's API to list all interests in any niche (even the tiny ones).
  • These hidden interests are more targeted and have less competition than the "public" ones.
  • Enter a broad topic and browse 1000's of hidden Facebook interests - in just seconds!

I've cloned a campaign for my meditation funnel and instantly lowered my cost-per-lead by 20% using search results provided by InterestExplorer.


Founder at Me Method

I can attest this is amazing. My first audience using hidden interests I went from $2.20 per lead to just $0.37 with over 283 leads generated in 3 days.


Founder at Lead Web App

This tool is perfect for:

eCommerce Sellers

Whether you're dropshipping, selling print-on-demand or building your own brand, this software will lower your ad costs and increase your profit margins.

Small Business Owners

You need to be smart when you don't have the ad budget of the big brands you're up against. This software will get you hidden low-competition interests to target.

Affiliate Marketers

More precise targeting will result in lower CPM's and CPC's. Spending less on ads means you can scale your offer faster and earn more commissions than ever.

Marketing Consultants

Impress your clients by getting them better results faster. This tool will give you diverse ideas on how to target any market and it will pay for itself multiple times over.

Find 1000's of hidden Facebook interests that let you out-advertise your biggest competitors.

Here's how it works:


Find hidden interests in any niche

Use the search bar to explore a broad topic. Within seconds you'll be browsing a list of all hidden interests.

  • Search interests in 43 different languages
  • Sort results by audience topic or audience size
  • Lookup the interest on Facebook or Google in 1-click

Narrow search results by audience size

Use the filters to narrow down the results by audience size and increase relevancy by excluding certain topics.

  • Define a minimum and maximum audience size
  • Exclude certain topics or specific words
  • Save time by hiding already saved interests

Save time and stay super organized

Save your interest finds into projects that you can add to over time, so you'll avoid having to repeat any research.

  • Save interests into an unlimited number of projects
  • Categorize projects around topic or client name
  • Searches are saved to avoid duplicate research

Laser-target with built-in layering

Create layers of interests so that you force Facebook to show your ads just to the hottest leads and buyers.

  • Create as many interest layers as you need 
  • Distribute your interests randomly with a single click
  • Drag-and-drop to perfect your interest layers

Effortlessly pull interests into Facebook

Copy your interests to the clipboard, export them to a CSV file or apply them straight into existing ad sets.

  • Copy in the right format for Facebook Ads Manager
  • Export your finds into a downloadable CSV file 
  • Upload interests into existing Facebook ad sets

InterestExplorer is 100% safe to use.

You'll never compromise your Facebook ad account. 

Approved by Facebook

Our software was approved to use Facebook's API, so it's 100% compliant with their policies.

Encrypted storage

Account access tokens are saved using AES-GCM encryption, for maximum security.

No connection needed

Search, filter and export hidden interests without connecting your Facebook acount.

Thanks to privacy initiatives (like iOS updates), interest targeting is now your best bet.

Future-proof your targeting by relying less on the algorithm.

For years, marketers have increased their reliance on Facebook's algorithm by leveraging lookalike audiences.

Or even giving Facebook full control by using broad targeting.

But any algorithm is only as good as the data it is fed.

Recently privacy initiatives, such as ITP and the iOS updates, have had a major impact on Facebook's ability to collect cookie data on websites outside of their ownership.

And as a result, using targeting options that require this data now leads to higher costs that eat away your profits.

The good news is: 

Interest targeting is unaffected by all of this.

Because Facebook largely infers interests from user behavior within their own platform, such as: profile information, page likes, groups and the content users engage with.

Interest-based targeting is what once attracted millions of advertisers to Facebook.

And where they're now fleeing back to, to get the lowest costs and highest returns.

My target audience is extremely niche and using Facebook's limited suggestions just wasn't cutting it. The amount of hidden interests I found through InterestExplorer were in the hundreds. I layered these and the results have been outstanding!


Digital Marketer @MASA


How to find the most profitable Facebook interests for any offer (even in niche markets).

Get access to our "Interest Targeting Intensive" masterclass, that teaches how to best target your ideal customer persona.

In this training you'll discover:

  • Our repeatable 3-phase process to launch profitable Facebook campaigns, even if you struggled before.
  • The "but nobody else" criterion to pick interests that define your perfect audience and isolate everyone else.
  • How to create an interest profile that beats the performance of single interests every time.
  • The 10/10K rule I live by when budgetting ads.
  • Which mistake causes your new campaigns to start off great and then decline after a day or two.
  • The #1 targeting trap Facebook lures advertisers into. 

It doesn't matter if you are brand new to Facebook ads or a seasoned ads veteran, you wouldn't want to skip this.

By the end of the masterclass, you'll know exactly how-to use interest targeting to build money-making ad campaigns

Awesome training! I'm impressed by how you manage to give an overview and a deep dive at the same time. Your thoughts on audience size, budgetting and layered targeting were eye-opening for me.


Owner at Boris Sudar Marketing

Highly recommended for anyone looking to learn more about how to properly research, set up and manage a Facebook campaign. It's basically a thousand dollar course, offered for free.


Strategist at Right Hook Digital

Let InterestExplorer help you run more profitable campaigns for 30 days risk-free.

Your purchase is protected by a "no nonsense" guarantee.

If you decide to get InterestExplorer today you'll have 30 days to put it to use and improve the performance of your ads. 

In the unlikely event it doesn't meet your expectations, we'll just refund your full purchase amount - no questions asked.

It's as simple and straight-forward as that.

And, even better, you can still keep access to the training.

So, InterestExplorer either proves its value to you by showing hidden (low competition) interests that boost your results...

Or it costs you nothing.

With a lifetime license, InterestExplorer pays for itself multiple times over.

Because hidden interests will get you cheaper clicks and higher profits. 


  • Unlimited lifetime InterestExplorer account
  • One-time payment (no recurring fees ever!)
  • "Interest Targeting Intensive" masterclass
  • Best-in-class customer support



Due to a sharp decrease in the number of available Facebook interests, we have decided to stop selling our software. The application will remain available to existing users.


Everything in standard, plus:

  • Create 10 additional InterestExplorer accounts for your team, VA's or clients.



Due to a sharp decrease in the number of available Facebook interests, we have decided to stop selling our software. The application will remain available to existing users.

You'll save time, find hidden interests you would've never found and improve your ROAS.

InterestExplorer is used by 12,408 smart marketers, just like you.

InterestExplorer has been that nice silver lining that helped me discover more audiences that I didn't know existed deep in the underbelly of Facebook's interest but don't auto-populate when searching.


Founder at The Digital Gal

You're going to find hidden interests, target those and see less competition. A lot of my POD students are brand new to Facebook ads and InterestExplorer helps them to quickly get up and running.


Founder at POD Ninjas


Yes, you get all future software updates and new features free for life.

... and answers to other questions:

Does my purchase include future software updates?

Yes, whenever Facebook makes changes or updates to their data we'll update our software. We also add new features or make improvements to existing features based on user feedback. Updates are always included and free.

Which languages does InterestExplorer support?

InterestExplorer supports all 43 languages that Facebook supports in their API. The default language is English, because most interests are available in English. Select any of the other Asian, European of African languages to find hidden local interests.

What differentiates InterestExplorer from alternative targeting tools?

Most tools don't have access to the same Facebook API, because developers need to get explicit approval from Facebook to use it. Also some other tools store interest data, which means interests might not be available anymore for targeting. InterestExplorer presents more interests for the same searches and always checks if interests are available right now. It's without a doubt the best solution out there, we've tried them all.

What if I don't get results from InterestExplorer, is there a guarantee?

Absolutely. We offer a 30 day "no questions asked" money back guarantee.

Do I have to connect my Facebook account to InterestExplorer?

To use our search tool that uncovers hidden interests, you don't have to connect your Facebook account.

Can using InterestExplorer get me in trouble with Facebook?

No, absolutely not. We've built InterestExplorer in accordance with Facebook's terms of service and use just their official API's. Facebook developers that want to publish apps using this functionality, need to pass Facebook's strict app approval process which includes a manual review by one of Facebook's employees. InterestExplorer passed this process and is fully approved by Facebook.

Does InterestExplorer work on both Mac and PC?

InterestExplorer is a cloud-based software that you can access from any device. There are no device-specific requirements to use this software.

Within the next 24 hours you could already start seeing lower cost per clicks on your ads.

Clone your campaign, apply hidden interests and see results fast.

Would you like to target hidden low competition interests, so you can lower your ad costs and improve your ROAS?

While at the same time cutting back the time spent on audience research?

And do you want to see results fast?


If you decide to test drive InterestExplorer, you'll have instant access to thousands of hidden Facebook interests.

Within the next 60 minutes you could be cloning one of your existing campaigns with hidden interests, so you can start seeing lower cost per clicks within a day from now.