15 interactive Facebook post ideas to boost engagement

Do you wish to learn strategies that can help you increase engagement on Facebook? You’re right where you need to be!

This blog covers the top interactive Facebook post ideas that can help you capture your audience’s attention and even get them to engage with your posts.

These are more than just regular Facebook content. We have studied them and seen that they work, often commanding hundreds and even thousands of likes, hearts, shares, and comments.

Are you ready to grow your page with interactive Facebook posts? Join us as we dive deep into the psychology of how and why they work!

What is an interactive Facebook post?

Simply put, a Facebook interactive post is a type of content that encourages engagement such as liking, commenting, or sharing from a user. 

Unlike static posts which are designed to simply deliver a message while users view them passively, interactive posts try to get people involved by making them engage the content in one way or another.

We’ve all seen examples of interactive posts on Facebook and even other social networks, a popular example being giveaway posts. 

Giveaway posts naturally command people’s attention because of the prospect of getting something for free. That’s why brands and content creators “ride on the wings of giveaway posts” to reach new people, build their fan base, and (hopefully) go viral.

Here’s an excellent example from Pederson’s Farms, a post that quickly garnered 540 reactions, 1.3k comments, and 283 shares within a few days. A very far cry from the engagement on the page’s normal-day posts:

Giveaway as a Facebook interactive post

Source: Pederson’s Farms on Facebook.

There are several types of posts to get interaction on Facebook. They include polls, video contests, spot the difference, and many others.

These and more are what we’ll cover in this article.

Why are interactive Facebook posts important?

Interactive Facebook posts are important for your online presence because they can help you easily build a loyal fan base, boost engagement, grow your reach, and acquire new customers. The more people interact with your posts, the more Facebook pushes them to fresh eyes.

If you’re trying to get more results from Facebook, interactive posts are the way to go! 

Read this guide to the end, and you’ll learn about different interactive Facebook post ideas you can leverage. Also, look out for the section on how to drive engagement to your posts for the best results.

15 fun interactive Facebook post ideas to boost engagement

Here’s the comprehensive list of the best types of posts to get interaction on Facebook:

  1. Humanity-focused content
  2. Polls
  3. Quizzes
  4. Video contests
  5. UGC
  6. This or that
  7. Fact of fiction
  8. Spot the difference
  9. Give a tip (or give your 2 cents)
  10. Tag a friend
  11. Guess the silhouette
  12. Fill in the blanks
  13. Caption contests
  14. Add your picture
  15. Q&A content

Quickly, let’s analyze each one of these with examples and how you can use them in your social media strategy.

15 fun interactive Facebook post ideas to boost engagement with examples

1. Humanity-focused content

Humanity-focused content is unquestionably one of the best interactive Facebook post ideas you can explore to get maximum engagement.

As we humans become more aware of our impact on the people around us and our environment, content around topics such as global warming, plastic pollution, kindness, selflessness, racism, and many others tend to command massive attention and engagement.

It can also help attract both new and old followers and keep them engaged and loyal to your brand. If you constantly give back to your community or support a noble cause,  posting content around it is a great starting point if you want engagement online.

Here’s an impressive example from Airbnb:

Humanity content as a Facebook interactive post

Humanity-focused content is so effective because it triggers an emotional response in everyone who supports that cause as well as those who are affected by it.

This is not to say businesses should engage in clout-chasing. In fact, we think every business should support a noble cause moving forward.

2. Polls

Another effective and very popular interactive post idea for Facebook engagement is polls. Polls are powerful because they promote engagement and also help you gain valuable insights into your followers’ preferences.

Are you launching a new feature in your app, adding a new meal to your menu, or offering new pricing and payment options? Poll it and have your followers and customers express their preferences while also pushing the content to more people.

With polls, it’s best to choose relevant and engaging topics. Also, keep the questions and responses simple, and engage with responses to keep it going.

You can use Facebook’s poll tools for multiple-option polls or make a post that says “Like for A, share for B” for two-option polls like this one from Walmart:

polls as a Facebook interactive post idea for businesses

While we’ve seen people who say “Don’t solicit for engagement,” we think that’s actually counterproductive. Plus we haven’t seen an instance where that action throttles a post’s reach.

3. Quizzes

People love a fun challenge, and that’s why quizzes are goated among the games you can play in a social setting. If you want meaningful engagement from your followers, try creating quizzes and let them work their magic!

The best thing about quizzes is that they are effective for several things. You can use them to launch a new product line, garner feedback from followers, or just have good ol’ fun!

Here’s an example of how you can launch a new product or an upcoming event with a quiz:

quizzes as an interactive Facebook post idea for businesses

Like most social media content, there are no hard and fast rules with quizzes. Just keep it light, keep it fun, and engage responses. Also, adding incentives to your quizzes can help you get better results.

4. Video contests

Want to go viral?  Launching a video contest is certainly one of the best ways to go about it. The funny thing, however, is that most people get confused about how to launch their contests. 

Many “gurus” will advise you to use a contest-builder platform where the videos can be collated and/or voted for. But guess what? This is not a beauty pageant, so you have no business with the votes.

Here’s an impressive video challenge post from Coca-Cola to inspire you:

video contest as an interactive Facebook post idea for businesses

Observe the post above and pay keen attention to the “see below steps to participate” section. You’ll notice no part of the post says “upload to XYZ platform for votes.”

To get maximum results from a video contest, you need two primary entry conditions:

  • Use a hashtag
  • Tag this brand

These two rules are what tie every video submission back to your brand, giving you the ticket to virality. And of course, you should be ready to engage as many videos as possible to display your authenticity and also bond with the participants.

5. User-generated content (UGC)

First, you should remember that there is a difference between contests and user-generated content.

With contests, there is often a prize. But with UGC, there’s no prize. It’s just you asking fans and followers to share a personal picture or video of them interacting with your brand.

What we’ve found out is that UGC works well if you ask for a picture of a pet, a loved one, or a delightful experience.

Here’s a perfect example from Starbucks:

UGC as an interactive Facebook post idea for businesses

We recommend that you get things started by adding a picture or two to the post or as the first comment. It could be followers’ content you came across or some taken by your team members. Also, make sure you reply to comments to keep increasing the post’s engagement.

6. This or that

“This or that” posts are another fun Facebook interactive post idea that can easily get your followers to engage with your content.

They are meant to get people’s opinions and people tend to engage with such content. Like quizzes and polls, you can use “this or that” posts when launching new products or just for fun.

Here’s a fabulous “this or that” post by GSC: 

this or that as an interactive Facebook post idea for businesses

What makes this post a good one is the long list of popular movies and cinematic characters which makes it very relatable to a large audience. 

Your goal in making “this or that” posts should be to get as many people as possible involved in the conversation. So make a long list of “this or that” options if you can, and don’t forget to engage in the comments section.

7. Fact or fiction

Another impressive Facebook interactive game post that can get the conversation going with your followers is the “fact or fiction” game. This type of post can help check how much your customers know about the brand and strengthen your bond.

You can play it in one of two ways: post a popular claim or belief and say “fact or fiction.” So, participants say if that statement is indeed fact or not:

Fact or fiction as a wednesday interactive posts for Facebook for businesses

You can also list a few statements and then ask the audience to guess which are fact and fiction, an interactive Facebook post idea properly used by the Dawn of Zombies video game:

Fact or fiction as a wednesday interactive posts for Facebook for businesses

“Fact or fiction” posts not only encourage engagement from your audience. They also present a chance to bond with and educate people about your brand.

When making “Fact or fiction” posts, try to let them be based on popular misconceptions. The controversial ones often get the most attention.

Like every fun interactive post idea for Facebook, engage your comments to keep the conversation going.

8. Spot the difference

“Spot the difference” is a task-like Facebook post idea that can stop your audience from doom-scrolling and get them to engage in a mentally stimulating activity.

It’s one of the easiest ways to capture your audience’s attention and get them to engage with your content.

With “spot the difference” posts, you’ll want to prepare a visually appealing image containing two scenes with subtle differences. Then ask your audience to spot the difference between the scenes.

Here’s an example of “spot the difference” as an interactive Facebook post idea:

spot the difference as a thursday interactive posts for Facebook for businesses

With “spot the difference’ posts, we’ve found that two things can make them very successful:

One— reward participation. This is demonstrated perfectly in the example above.

Two— say “There are X differences in these photos, can you find them all?” Having a clear goal ahead often compels people to engage more than they ordinarily would. That’s because the satisfaction of finding all the differences is in itself a prize.

9. Give a tip (or give your 2 cents)

When it comes to knowledge games, one of the best ways to draw your audience’s attention is to ask them to give a “secret tip” or hack about a life skill. A best practice is to make it relatable to your brand or target audience’s interests.

The psychology behind this insightful interactive post idea for Facebook engagement is that people like to share knowledge, especially if it’s less known. It feels good to teach something most people don’t know about.

Give a tip as a wednesday interactive posts for Facebook for businesses

This impressive example from BLOM demonstrates how to make a proper “give a tip” post. 

The elements include a captivating image, a short description, and a tip to get the conversation started.

On a side note, highly helpful comments can double as user-generated content down the lane.

10. Tag a friend

Want to reach more people? “Tag a friend” posts are one way to go about it.

‘Tag a friend” is also one of the best interactive Facebook posts for businesses because it can help you reach more people who fit your buyer persona. Not only that, a long chain of friends tagging friends can easily get your engagements from just a few comments to hundreds or even thousands.

Like most other ideas on this list, your creativity is essential to getting things started.

Tag a friend as a wednesday interactive posts for Facebook for businesses

While “tag a friend” posts are very good for driving engagements, they are often used with other strategies such as polls and especially giveaways. 

For a successful “tag a friend” post, try to speak to your audience’s senses or emotions (e.g. Tag a friend you’d like to appreciate for being in your corner) or base the post on a prize.

11. Guess the silhouette

Guess games are one of the most engaging, mentally stimulating games out there. So it’s no surprise that a lot of people enjoy participating in them.

Just as they make for a good social game with friends, they’re also effective for driving engagements on social media, especially when used with the right audience.

Here’s an impressive example of “guess the silhouette” as an engaging Facebook post idea:

“guess the silhouette” as an engaging Facebook post idea

In the example above, the content is 100% relatable to guitar players and enthusiasts, and they are obviously happy to participate.

One good thing about “guess the silhouette” posts is that they usually have follow-up content that discusses the item in the silhouette, and you can expect a fairly high engagement on that post too.

12. Fill in the blanks

Talking about the top fun interactive Facebook posts, one cannot leave out the classic “fill in the blanks”, a psychological game that can easily get your followers to share their thoughts and perspective of the world with you and others in the community.

With “fill in the blanks” posts, you can tilt in the direction of your brand or just general life issues, and you’d be fine anyway.

Here’s a typical “fill in the blanks” post that can easily get people talking:

fill in the blanks as an engaging Facebook post idea

To get the best from “fill in the blanks,” we’ll suggest posing a question that necessitates people’s opinion or POV for a response rather than a fixed answer which is exactly what the post above did.

That’s because many folks in the comments section may have different or even controversial opinions on certain topics. In such cases, engagement thrives easily.

13. Caption contests

Another very effective way to get conversations started with your Facebook audience is to launch a caption contest.

Now, caption contests are quite easy to set up, and you can do almost anything on the spectrum of “good vibes;” from funny to cute and hilarious to adorable.

For caption contests, you only need an excellent image that easily communicates something. What it communicates doesn’t have to be clear. In fact, a vague image can inspire different meanings in people’s minds.

Here’s a perfect example from Cenla Alliance For Animals:

caption contest as an engaging Facebook post idea

Scrolling through the comments section, you’ll see several different responses of what this image “says” to the participants and that’s just impressive.

Next time you get your hands on a meme-worthy image, be sure to launch a “caption this” contest for your Facebook audiences.

14. Add a picture if…

If there’s just one type of content people like to engage with, it will always be the relatable ones. It’s extremely easy to get conversations going with them, and that’s why the “Add yours” feature on Facebook makes for an excellent interactive post idea on Facebook.

Add a picture if as an engaging Facebook post idea

The ‘add yours” feature was first introduced to Instagram in 2021. Then it also showed up on Facebook as part of the built-in post tools.

It lets you add a prompt for other users to share their version of a story you just shared. It’s a great way to start a content chain and every other story shared ties back with yours.

When launching an “add yours” type of content, your focus should be on relatability and a good prompt.

Some examples of good prompts that can get your post to do numbers quickly are “Add a picture if you have a cute furry friend.” “Add a picture if you felt awkward on your first date.” “Add a picture if you’re stressed and need a vacay.”

You’ll get a notification if someone adds to your story, so be there to engage and spread your digital footprint as far as the chain extends.

15. Response to a comment

One last fun interactive Facebook post idea is “Response to a comment” content.

Have you seen one of those videos where there’s a screenshot of a comment up on the screen, and then someone just talks about that comment? Sure, you have. They’re quite popular.

This content type works so well because it makes your followers feel seen. Besides that, followers’ questions and comments can be an amazing source of content whenever you’re out of ideas.

Here’s an impressive example of this:

response to a comment as an engaging Facebook post idea

The best thing about using comments for your content is that the more followers’ comments you use, the more they are encouraged to interact with your brand going forward, and that will help your social media presence grow steadily.

While it’s good to produce several posts of this type, keep in mind that not every comment deserves a post. But when you find a good one, don’t hesitate to make a post with it and tag the commenter.

How to drive engagement for Facebook interactive posts

It’s one thing to make fun interactive posts, it’s another thing to help those posts thrive. Here’s how to help these Facebook interactive post ideas reach their potential:

  1. Get the conversation going: being the poster, you should also be the conversation starter by dropping the first comment. This is especially good for “this or that”, “fill-in-the-blanks,” and “give a tip” posts as sharing your answer can draw more people in.
  1. Use the @followers or @everyone tag: tagging your followers in the comments can help draw them to your posts and encourage joining the conversation. Typically, this should go with your first comment, not another one.
  1. Encourage tagging: encourage your followers to tag a friend to participate. There are many ways to motivate tagging in your interactive posts on Facebook. You can mention it in the post, say it in the first comment, or say “Don’t forget to tag a friend” in your replies to comments. 
  1. Reply promptly to comments: as a conversation starter, it wouldn’t be good to have the discussion go on without you. So be ready to engage your fans by replying to their comments.

    This helps you build a sense of community and a fan base happy to engage your future posts. It gives the post more engagement which triggers the algorithm to show it to more people.

What type of content works best on Facebook?

This is another question we often get from readers and even strangers online. In fact, we once saw someone ask what were the best Wednesday interactive posts for Facebook.

Well, a 2023 survey helped discover that image posts drive the most engagements in pages than any other type of content. Meta also claims that 50% of the time spent on Facebook is on videos.

Our stand is that every type of content works on Facebook, whether text, photo, or video. They all work on Facebook. You only need to find what makes your audience tick.

What can spell a huge difference in your post’s performance is not exactly the type of content you rely on, but what’s in the post itself.

There are boring posts, and there are interesting posts. You want to avoid being on the boring side of the spectrum. 

With that said, we’d recommend pairing high-resolution images with text posts for visual appeal. When there’s an image, people often want to read the stories behind them.

And don’t leave out videos too. They work wonders these days.

Verdict on the top interactive post ideas for Facebook

There are hundreds of fun interactive Facebook post ideas for businesses out there, but not all of them can fit within your strategy. You only need a handful you can stick to and produce that content consistently.

By publishing interactive content consistently, be it polls, giveaways, contests, responses to comments, and others. Your followers become more sensitized, and you’ll see a rise in your engagements in no time.