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Find Hidden Facebook Interests for Your POD campaigns

When you're doing print-on-demand (POD) you know it's all about testing.

To find winners you have to quickly test designs and audiences.

In hope of finding combinations that you can scale to big numbers later on. But to target interest-based audiences on Facebook you're limited to the small number of interest suggestions that Facebook Ads Manager shows you. 

Even Facebook Audience Insights, which used to be a great tool, now shows you mostly interests (in the affinity section) that you can't target with Facebook ads.

Joe Robert

To be succesful at POD, you have to run lots of tests. In my POD training and FB groups I advocate the $1 PPE method to quickly evaluate new interests, without burning too much money on testing. Even when you’ve already found a winning design, you still have to test new interests while scaling out your campaign. This smart research tool helps you speed-up the process of finding relevant interests in new niches.

POD interest research is important, but takes a lot of time and Facebook's tools to do research are lacking.

In this post I'll show you how-to use InterestExplorer, our software that reveals hidden Facebook interests, to find the perfect interests for your print-on-demand campaigns.

Let's dive right in!

I think it's best to show you all the steps I would take, using a POD example. 

Let's say you have created a hooded blanket design for the dog niche ????

How-to use Facebook's research tools

OK, so first let's see how Facebook's research tools can help us to find the right interest targeting for our campaign. We'll check Facebook Ads Manager and also Facebook Audience Insights.

Facebook Ads Manager

When I type 'Dogs' into the Detailed Targeting section in Facebook Ads Manager and then click Suggestions, Facebook returns a short list of just 25 related interests I can target.

facebook ads interest suggestions

Most of them seem to be relevant, so thats' good.

The problem however is that these are all very broad interests. Which is not a good thing, especially not for print-on-demand. We need to find the real passionate dog lovers in a huge audience of people who like dogs. Not all people with a broad interest in 'Pets'.

Let's move on...

Facebook Audience Insights

In Facebook Audience Insights, I've selected a US population with an interest in 'Dogs'.

Then I click to the 'Page Likes' tab to see which pages these people like, and what the Affinity score is (how likely the selected audience is to like these pages compared to everyone on Facebook).

My first impression is that there are just 2 interests that are actually about dogs.

dog interests

When I look these interests up in Facebook Ads Manager I find that the first one still isn't a very targeted audience (over 4 million people in the US share this interest).

i love dogs fb interest

And the second one can't be targeted with ads...


So far Facebook's tools have just shown me interests that are either very broad or interests that can't be targeted with ads. Now let's move on to InterestExplorer, the software I've developed to reveal hidden interests related to any topic (and can be targeted with ads).

How-to use InterestExplorer

I start by entering the broad interest 'Dog' into the search bar and hit 'Explore'.


The tool then returns a list of 481 interests related to 'Dogs'.

All of these interests can be targeted with Facebook ads. Of course not all of them are super relevant, but that's not a problem when there are so many to choose from.

This is a full-page screenshot of the list.

dog interests long list

Let's look at a few examples I found:

"I Love Dogs Inc." or "Raw and Natural Nutrition for Dogs".

I'm 100% certain that people who like these hyper-targeted dog interests are more likely to buy our dog design compared to a super-broad audience of people who like 'Dogs'.

What do you think?

dog interests interestexplorer

As you can see in the screenshot, the tool offers quick links to run a search for the interest on Facebook or Google. This is a huge timesaver and a quick method to learn more about interests you're not familiar with. For example "Fairbank Ice Dogs".

When I click on the Google icon the tool opens a new tab with a search for the keyword on Google. I can instantly see that it's an ice hockey team, so not a relevant interest for me.

fairbank ice dogs

I can do the same with the Facebook icon, to see if there's an associated Facebook page.

fairbank facebook

I'll work my way through the list to find interests I like.

When I find one, I click on it to add it to my selection box at the top of the page. From there I have multiple options: copy the interests to my clipboard (and paste them straight into my Facebook campaigns), save them to a re-usable 'Dogs' project that I can work on later, or export them to a downloadable CSV file.

selection box

And that's it. That's how to use InterestExplorer to find Facebook interests for your print-on-demand (POD) campaigns. Interested to learn more about our FB interests software? 

Interest research software for Facebook advertisers

InterestExplorer helps Facebook advertisers of all sizes to lower their costs and reach more relevant audiences, by revealing thousands of targetable interests that are hidden from the masses.

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