The Anatomy of the Perfect Facebook Ad for Dropshipping

At first sight dropshipping looks like the perfect business model. 

Running a webshop without the need to hold inventory so without the need for a huge startup capital. Big margins because you're buying products for cheap to sell them at a big markup... without ever touching these products yourself.

Who wouldn't want that?

That's why the dropshipping model quickly attracted a huge worldwide following. So the space became super-competitive. So it's now more important than ever to be creative and to come up with new audiences and new products - but you also don't need to re-invent the wheel. There are many best practices when it comes to dropshipping, especially regarding Facebook ads. Some ad strategies just work.

That's what I'll show you in this article.

I've analysed literally hundreds of the most succesfull dropshipping Facebook ads to find common patterns in their ad copy, creative and offers. In this article I'll present what I found to be the anatomy of the perfect Facebook ad for dropshipping.

Dropshipping Facebook ads should feel like virals to stimulate impulse buying

The type of products that sell well for dropshippers are mostly impulse buys. You don't want people to actively and consciously compare your product. Or research to find alternatives. The offer should be so enticing that someone who sees your ad will stop scrolling on their mobile phone and grab their creditcard to purchases the product right away.

So that's also the feeling that your ad should create.

They should have a viral feeling to them.

So how do you do that? Apart from the social proof of likes, comments and shares.

Use of emojis


Most of the top dropshipping ads use emojis in the ad copy. Often they pick emojis that express a strong emotion like surprise, love or rolling over the ground laughing. They support the strong emotional response that they want trigger when someone sees the ad in their timeline.

Ask for tag & share

To support the viral character of the ad, most of the top dropshipping ads ask people to tag & share the ad to involve their friends. People inherently like to share things when they are for example funny, surprising or cute - because the share reflects on them. Be careful however, because Facebook actually doesn't allow to ask for tags and shares. Still a lot of people do it and their ads aren't rejected.


Apart from emojis, tags & shares let's dive deeper into the perfect ad copy.

The best Facebook ads for dropshipping use short convincing copy to communicate their irresistible offer

Most of your ads will be displayed on mobile - while people are scrolling brainless through their timeline. Your ad should catch their attention, interrupt what they were doing and motivate them to take action (click to your website and purchase the offer). 

That's a big ask.

So you can't distract them too much with long stories and a lot of information. 

When looking at the best performing Facebook ads from top dropshippers, we've noticed a few common patterns in the ad copy.

Start with a question or statement

A question unconsciously stops people to think about the topic. So it's best to start your ad with a quick question that relates to the main pain point your product solves. For example: "Do you often wake up with back pain?" or "Aren't your teeth as white as they used to be?". Or a short statement like "The must-have opener".


Keep it short

As said before, the best ads are the ones that get straight to the point - with as little words as possible. Most of the times it's enough to use just 1 or 2 sentences after your opening question. You should describe how your product solves their problem. For example: "This charcoal toothpaste whitens your teeth in 7 days without irritating your gums". If you need more copy to highlight specific features, you could also use the green tick emoji to create a short list instead of writing long copy.

Craft an irresistible offer

To convince people that see your ad to buy your product right away, they offer should be irresistible. Looking at top Facebook ads by other dropshippers, we've noticed that they often communicate BIG discounts (of 50% or even higher), add urgency (only today), scarcity (only 50 units in stock) and social proof (by adding star emojis to simulate a review / customer testimonial). Most dropshipping ads offer FREE worldwide shipping too.


Use a clear call-to-action

It seems that most top dropshippers have agreed on the best call-to-action to use in their Facebook ads. In 99% of the ad copy the final call-to-action is "Get yours here:" followed by the hyperlink to their product page. So why reinvent the wheel?



In this article I've presented the anatomy of the perfect dropshipping Facebook ad. Not based on my opinion or taste, but on the analysis of hundreds of the very best performing dropshipping ads out there. I've used a tool called AdvertSuite to find these ads and sort them by the ones with the most likes & engagement. I only looked at ads that are running right now in 2019 - to reflect what works NOW.

You can even filter these ads on the landing page software, like Shopify.

I'll probably update this post later this year to show the latest examples.

I hope you got some inspiration from these top dropshipping ads. Or confirmation that you're already on the right path because you use most of these elements.

Just one more thing...

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