9 Great Examples of Facebook Ads for Crossfit Boxes

When asked, all Crossfit box owners will say their box is unique. And that is probably true, because of the unique mix of people and the culture they form. But when it comes to using Facebook ads for CrossFit boxes, I would say they're all kind of the same...

That is good news.

Because it means you can learn a lot from just looking at example of Facebook ads other CrossFit boxes run to acquire new members. We've analysed hundreds of CrossFit ads on Facebook and came to the conclusion that everyone is copying each other. Almost all CrossFit boxes use the same hooks, the same offers and the same type of Facebook ads.

So that's why in this post I'll show you some great examples of CrossFit Facebook ads so you can get inspiration from those - and implement some best practices in your own ads. 

Clearly address your (local) crossfit audience in your Facebook ads

Almost every town or city has its own CrossFit affiliate box. So you audience will almost always be local. It's a good start to analyse the addresses of your current members, to learn the maximum distance people are willing to travel to your box. Maybe you know this already, but otherwise you can easily plot the addresses of your members on a map to draw a circle.

On Facebook you can specifically target a geographic area. But more importantly is that you should address your local audience in the ad by calling them out. This catches attention when people browse through their timeline on Facebook. 

Here's an example of CrossFit Ham Lake calling out their audience:


You can specifically address men or women in your ad copy. Or friends or couples like the example shown below. Needless to say, but don't forget to limit your targeting when your specific to either men or women.


Craft a compelling but low-barrier offer in your Facebook ad

Imagine someone laying on the couch while mindlessly browsing his/her phone. If your Facebook ad asks them to hop off their couch to come to your CrossFit box and sign-up for a yearly contract... they're probably not going to take the offer.

Looking at hundreds of Facebook CrossFit ads we noticed a very strong pattern, mainly in the type of offer that they were making. I would say 90% offers some form of a free challenge. Like a 7 day, 21 day or even 42 day challenge to get fit. That's probably because this offer works. And because it's low-barrier. You could complement this offer with additional things like a free meal plan or an accountability FB group. 

Let's look at a couple of examples of CrossFit Facebook ads that present a challenge as their core offer. As you'll notice the offer in these ads is quite similar.


Even if you don't get paid for the free challenge, you could still ask for a testimonial in exchange for their participation (like the example below). Testimonials can be used as marketing assets for your box to acquire new members later on.

Other options for an offer could be a super-low priced introduction phase. Like $1 for your first 21 days. Or get your first month free. Or just offer the elements classes for free, as a way of introducing people to the world of CrossFit.

Add scarcity to your Facebook ad to increase the motivation to act NOW

When people see your offer, you want them to take action and subscribe to the offer you're making. Therefore many CrossFit Facebook ads contain some form of scarcity. Like a limited number of spots available - to motivate people to act now instead of tomorrow.

Scarcity is one of the most powerful principles of influence. Both online and offline.


Testimonials and other forms of social proof make great Facebook ads for CrossFit

Many people have heard of CrossFit, but there are also many false beliefs about what it is. For people to try out CrossFit, your ad should change their false beliefs. The best way to do that is by showing other people that have gone through this experience. That's why a good testimonial from a relatable person is often one of the best advertisements. 

When you get the chance; ask members of your box to record a video testimonial about their experience. What were their concerns and doubts before signing-up, and what was their experience? How do they like CrossFit now? Real stories from real people beat any marketing-guru out there.


Another form of social proof you could ad to the Facebook ad campaigns for your CrossFit box, is to show pictures of your current members. Part of CrossFit is the culture around it. The family-like group with whom you share the experience of pushing yourself to the limit. Try to portray that feeling in your Facebook ads, like for example the ads below.



As you've learned in this article, there are many different elements you could include in a good CrossFit Facebook ad. I hope my analysis gave you inspiration to implement changes in you own Facebook campaigns. Every CrossFit box has it's unique character, but most Facebook ads for CrossFit boxes are not. And that's just because these are things that work.

Just one more thing...

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