10 Great Examples of Facebook Ads for Chiropractors

Everyone needs a chiropractor at some point in their life.

But most people don't know that.

That's why many chiropractors use Facebook ads to attract new patients. This made it an interesting type of Facebook ads for me to analyse. It's always smart to see what others are doing, to get inspiration for your own marketing. That's why, if you're running Facebook ads as a chiropractor, this post will be very valuable. It shows common patterns and best practices I found in ads run by other chiropractors on Facebook.

I hope you enjoy this post and find inspiration in the presented examples.

Call out chiropractic patients in your local area

You're probably serving a local area, like most chiropractors. The great thing about Facebook is that it allows you to target specific geographic areas (like cities) or pick a radius around specific coordinates on the map. Most chiropractor ads on Facebook call out the patients in the local area they target, in their ad copy. This draws attention to the ad when someone is scrolling trough their timeline and increases the relevance of your messaging.

Like for example this chiropractor that serves Effingham County.


Personally introduce the chiropractor

Because I analyse many different professions that run Facebook ads, I can quickly spot the differences between them. One of these differences is the fact that almost every Facebook ad for a chiropractic practice personally introduces the doctor. When looking at for example hundreds of Facebook ads for dentists, I rarely saw them do it. 

To me that's interesting...

By the way, most of the times the introduction is made in the first-person (I am doctor ...) and the ad image or video shows this person treating a patient or explaining something.

It's clearly a best practice to show your face and your expertise. 


Use discount vouchers to incentivise new patient consultations (preferably with scarcity)

When running Facebook ads for your chiropractic services, it's super important to realise the context your advertising in. People are most of the times on their phones, on the couch or during commute. They are not looking for you or intrinsically motivated to be interested in what you have to say. Therefore you should always present an enticing offer. 

Give people a reason to stop what they were doing and schedule an appointment.

Most chiropractor Facebook ads we analysed used discount vouchers to incentivise new patient consultations. Not necessarily vouchers for free services, most of the times it were discounted offers. Think about the services you could offer a discount on to get patients in the door, like: x-rays, screenings, adjustments, spinal examinations, massages, etc. 

I'll share a couple of offer examples below. You'll also notice that most of the offers have some sort of urgency (time sensitivity) or scarcity (limited number available) in them. Again, this motivates viewers of the ad to interrupt what they were doing to take action.


As you saw in these examples, the ads look very similar. So to attract attention and convert your ads viewers into new patients, you should really think through the offer you make. It's all about crafting a perfect offer where you stack many free or discounted services together - with the goal of creating an irresistible offer.

To resonate better with specific audiences, you could also create and test multiple different offers to see which one works the best for you. For example; you could create a specific offer around 'adjustments' and explain why people need these.

Lead with educational content (blogs, videos, webinars) & chiropractic workshops

Marketers often try to plot prospective clients / patients in a so-called buyers journey. This simplification of the buying process helps to adjust your messaging and content to fit the current state of your prospect. For example: you shouldn't present a price and ask someone to decide right away, if you just introduced yourself. People that might not even be aware they need a chiropractic treatment, need to first realise they can use help - before you can present your services.

That's what's called "problem awareness" and "solution awareness". 

First, prospects need to become aware that they have a problem (let's say back pain) before they can become aware of the different solutions there are available. 

To help people in this stage, is crucial. Because when your ads are educating them about a problem they might have, who do you think they'll look for to find a solution? 


You can use different content formats like blog posts, videos or webinars. I also noticed many chiropractor ads on Facebook invite people to come and visit a workshop in their local practice. For example a workshop about seating posture in your office chair. This is a great idea; because it gets prospective patients in the door and educates them - so makes them aware of problems they might have.

Below you'll find some more examples:



In this article I showed you my findings after analysing hundreds of Facebook ads for chiropractic practices. I've tried to summarise my findings in an easy to digest format with examples. Hopefully you got some inspiration from these. 

Just one more thing...

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