How Does Facebook Determine Interests For Ads Targeting?

how does facebook determine interests

When targeting Facebook ads to interest audiences, it’s not always clear to advertisers how Facebook determines these interests. This article lifts the curtain. Facebook determines interests for ads targeting using a variety of sources both inside the Facebook platform as well as on external websites that have the Facebook pixel installed. These include: profile information, … Read more →

How To Target Facebook Ads To Fans Of A Competitor Page

target fans of competitor page

In this article I’ll explain how to target Facebook ads to fans of a competitor page. This little-known Facebook ads targeting strategy is highly effective and can be used to target fans (people who like a page) of any Facebook page out there. How to target Facebook ads to fans of a competitor page when … Read more →

Facebook Audience Insights Guide (2022)

facebook audience insights guide

Facebook Audience Insights is a part of the various tools Facebook offers to do audience research. The Facebook Audience Insights tool is built in to Facebook Ads Manager and is used by many advertisers to analyse demographics and likes of their audience.  If you’re running Facebook ads you should use Facebook Audience Insights. The only … Read more →

The Complete Facebook Interests List (2022)

facebook interests list

Looking for a complete and up-to-date list of all Facebook interests you can target with ads? Facebook interests list Business and Industry Entertainment Family and relationships Fitness and wellness Food and drink Hobbies and activities Shopping and fashion Sports and outdoors Technology Business and Industry Advertising  Agriculture Architecture Aviation Banking Investment banking Online banking Retail … Read more →