Leadsie Review: How Does It Work, Pricing & Features? (2023)

leadsie review

Customer onboarding is a critical aspect of the modern marketplace. Individuals and brands around the world leverage the features of social media giants like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, TikTok and more to provide users with value through their services. While some brands experience an exponential growth in their journey, most lack behind even after offering fantastic … Read more →

These 5 Courses Will Help You Master Facebook Advertising

best facebook advertising courses

Facebook is the go-to platform for social media advertisers who want to drive growth by generating profit. Thanks to the potential of Facebook Ads to reach 2.2 billion people around the world, the social media giant is the most successful advertising platform. Over 10 million active marketers use Facebook Ads to build brand awareness, influence … Read more →

Facebook Detailed Targeting Expansion, The New Default?

facebook detailed targeting expansion default

Facebook is constantly changing. And when Facebook announces changes, they are often implemented gradually in ad accounts. That’s why some users might already see them in their ad accounts, while others don’t. Recently, with the launch of Facebook’s Marketing API v.12.0 update, we’ve learned that Facebook is making a very worrying change that impacts the … Read more →

Facebook Audience Insights Is Going Away… But Is It Really?

facebook audience insights going away

This article was first published on June 28th 2021, you’ll find updates near the end. When you’ve used Facebook Audience Insights the past weeks, you may have noticed a dramatic red announcement that says: Facebook Audience Insights Is Going Away Soon. So after random advertising account bans and the dreadful iOS14 adpocalypse, advertisers have something … Read more →

Facebook Interests vs Lookalikes, Which One Should You Use?

facebook interests or lookalikes

In the realm of Facebook advertising there’s an ongoing debate on the best way to target audiences. Everyone agrees that targeting is one of the most important elements of running succesful ad campaigns, but… Should you use Facebook interests vs lookalikes? Which works best? Is Facebook’s AI smarter than you and better capable of finding … Read more →