Facebook Detailed Targeting Expansion… Should You Use It?

facebook detailed targeting expansion use or not

Should you check the Detailed Targeting Expansion feature in Facebook Ads Manager when creating a new ad set? That’s the question I’ll answer in this article because the use of Facebook interest targeting expansion is a topic I regularly get questions about. Detailed Targeting Expansion allows Facebook to expand the reach of your campaign by … Read more →

How Does Facebook Determine Interests For Ads Targeting?

how does facebook determine interests

When targeting Facebook ads to interest audiences, it’s not always clear to advertisers how Facebook determines these interests. This article lifts the curtain. Facebook determines interests for ads targeting using a variety of sources both inside the Facebook platform as well as on external websites that have the Facebook pixel installed. These include: profile information, … Read more →

Khalid Hamadeh Facebook Ads Course Review

khalid hamadeh facebook ads course review

I spent a whopping $2,589 on Facebook advertising courses. Not to learn how to use Facebook ads to grow my business (I’ve been doing that successfully for many years) but just to “spy” on the competition out there… Let me explain. I’ve founded InterestExplorer. That’s a Facebook interest targeting tool that reveals 1000’s of hidden … Read more →

How To Target Facebook Ads To Fans Of A Competitor Page

target fans of competitor page

In this article I’ll explain how to target Facebook ads to fans of a competitor page. This little-known Facebook ads targeting strategy is highly effective and can be used to target fans (people who like a page) of any Facebook page out there. How to target Facebook ads to fans of a competitor page when … Read more →

LeadEnforce Review

leadenforce.com review

If you’ve always thought that you can’t target followers of Facebook pages or the members of Facebook groups, think again… because with LeadEnforce you can. You can show your ads to people who like your competitor’s Facebook pages.  You can show your ads to members of a specific Facebook group.Even when they’re small pages and … Read more →