Facebook Advertising Policies (2023): All You Need To Know

facebook advertising policies

Facebook is one of the most widely used advertising platforms in the world. Thanks to its massive user base, brands leverage the variety of audience segments to market their products and run potential customers through sales funnels. The social media giant understands this and hence has done an incredible job in providing a solid advertising … Read more →

Facebook Ad Analytics (2023): Why & How To Measure Them?

facebook ad analytics

Marketers love advertising on Facebook because of its massive monthly active users. The social media giant also provides a plethora of advanced tools to help businesses around the world, create advertisements and measure their performance through a good deal of metrics. Say you need to reach an audience to generate awareness about your new product. … Read more →

What Are Facebook Ad Placements: How To Choose The Best?

best facebook ad placements

Facebook is one of the most profitable social media platforms in the world to market your brand using advertisements. In fact, Facebook Ads beat their Google counterpart by a mile. Over the past years, the social media giant has improved its advertising algorithms and added tools to help businesses make the most of their money. … Read more →

All About Facebook Ad Quality Ranking And How To Improve It

facebook ad quality ranking

Facebook is the king of social media platforms. With 2.95 billion active users, it offers a plethora of opportunities to individuals and brands around the world. The biggest asset of the social media giant is its advertisement platform. Over the years, Facebook has upgraded its advertising features by adding advanced tools to help businesses get … Read more →

Why Are My Facebook Ads Not Delivering And How To Fix It?

Facebook has over 25.5 billion monthly visitors, making it the third-most visited site on the internet. Brands and individuals around the world use this as an opportunity to grow their businesses through many advanced tools Facebook offers on its platform. One of the biggest sources of revenue for the company is its advertisement business. According … Read more →