How To Block Bad Words With The Facebook Profanity Filter?

how to block bad words facebook profanity filter

Are you already using the Facebook profanity filter to protect your comments? As the world’s collective “town center,” the strength of Facebook as an advertising and marketing tool in 2022 can’t be overstated. But, the social nature of the platform can be a double-edged sword and comments can turn your Facebook comment sections into a … Read more →

How To Turn Off Comments on Facebook Posts and Ads?

turn off comments on facebook

Even if you think you’ve targeted exactly the right audience, your Facebook posts and ads can still attract a lot of unwanted comments… Whenever something “smells” even the slightest bit promotional, there will always be people who feel the urge to leave offensive comments and spam. So it’s no surprise many Facebook page admins and … Read more →

How To Approve Facebook Comments On Your Page and Ads?


Wouldn’t it be nice to approve Facebook comments before they were posted? If you’re responsible for social media management, this will often include the moderation of comments. Liking positive comments, replying to questions, but also removing spam and negativity or banning users. The biggest challenge with comment moderation on Facebook is that it is a … Read more →

Hiding Comments on Facebook: The Definitive Guide (2022)

hide facebook comments

Look no further, this is the definitive guide on hiding comments on Facebook. If you’re responsible for managing a Facebook page or Facebook ads, you already know the important role engagement plays on the platform. It’s a “social” media platform after all. Likes, shares and comments can present the social proof that convinces potential buyers. … Read more →

Facebook Detailed Targeting Expansion, The New Default?

Facebook is constantly changing. And when Facebook announces changes, they are often implemented gradually in ad accounts. That’s why some users might already see them in their ad accounts, while others don’t. Recently, with the launch of Facebook’s Marketing API v.12.0 update, we’ve learned that Facebook is making a very worrying change that impacts the … Read more →