These 5 Courses Will Help You Master Facebook Advertising

Facebook is the go-to platform for social media advertisers who want to drive growth by generating profit.

Thanks to the potential of Facebook Ads to reach 2.2 billion people around the world, the social media giant is the most successful advertising platform.

Over 10 million active marketers use Facebook Ads to build brand awareness, influence considerations of the users and convert them to achieve business targets.

But running successful Facebook Ads is one hell of a task.

This is because there are a plethora of moving elements you need to consider before investing your hard-earned money.

You can’t just jump right into creating Ads without the correct knowledge of how things work.

Imagine putting hours into creating what you consider an excellent advertisement for your campaign only to realize you have missed Facebook’s guidelines.

This not only wastes your time, but burns through your budget with zero results.

Hence, it’s critical to understand every aspect of Facebook advertising before advertising on Facebook.

So, how can you do this? Well, it’s pretty simple.

There are many courses that teach Facebook Advertising to beginners, and advanced advertisers.

These courses help you get into the right mindset and learn all the basics clearly before moving on to the advanced concepts.

You also get to learn proven strategies which you can use directly. 

The only issue is you can’t just pick any Facebook Advertising course. This is because only a few provide top-notch teachings, resources and are worth the money.

In this article, we’ll discuss 5 Facebook Advertising courses you can pick to learn everything about Facebook Advertising.

Let’s get started…

Facebook Blueprint Courses

Facebook Blueprint courses is a bunch of self-paced resources/courses offered by Facebook to help marketers willing to learn about Facebook Ads.

Whether you are someone who is getting started or has a little experience, these courses offer an excellent value to both.

You get to learn the basics of Business Manager, Campaign Performance with Ads Manager, Promoting Your Business From Your Facebook Page, Ad Policies for Content, Creative, and Targeting and more.

The courses help you understand how Facebook’s Ad auction and delivery works and provide critical insights into the best brand practices you can use to get maximum results.

You also learn how to create Ads, target custom audiences and run successful campaigns based on unique objectives.

Facebook offers a plethora of certifications under its Blueprint courses:

1. Facebook Certified Digital Marketing Associate

2. Facebook Certified Marketing Science Professional 

3. Facebook Certified Creative Strategy Professional

4. Facebook Certified Media Planning Professional

5. Facebook Certified Media Buying Professional

6. Facebook Certified Marketing Developer

7. Facebook Certified Advanced Marketing Developer 

8. Facebook Certified Advertising API Developer

9. Facebook Certified Community Manager

Each course offers an official certification from Facebook. But you won’t get certified just by completing a course.

This Is because Facebook unlocks the certifications after you clear an online exam.

These exams get either monitored by proctors or take place at a designated testing location.

Well, this is great because it helps understand the concepts clearly to pass the exams. 

The social media giant also charges a fee, which varies with the type of certification.

The beginner-level certifications start at $99 and scale up to $150 for the advanced ones. 

All the exams are scored from 300 to 1000 marks, and you need at least 700 to pass. 

But if you fail, you must repay to take the test again.

Udemy’s Facebook Ads & Facebook Marketing Mastery

Udemy is one of the most loved online learning platforms in the world.

It offers a plethora of courses across unique niches and levels from experienced teachers.

The Facebook Ads & Facebook Marketing Mastery offered by Coursenvy on the platform is an excellent course to learn to advertise on Facebook.

With this course, you get hands-on 82 lectures divided into 12 hours of on-demand videos, articles and many downloadable resources.

What’s best is, you get lifetime access to the course when you purchase it.

This means every time the course gets updated, you can access the updates.

The course helps you understand the criticality of finding the correct target audience, lower advertising costs and use advanced features in the Business Manager.

You also learn strategies to average $0.01 per engagement/click/like.

There is no exam to get certified. All you need to do is complete the course and assignments associated with it to get certified.

The course has over 50,000 happy students and costs around $85, but the thing with Udemy is you get consistent sales which mean you can get the course for as low as $20.

Udemy also offers a 30-day money-back-guarantee if you feel dissatisfied.

Coursera’s Facebook Social Media Marketing Professional Certificate

Like Udemy, Coursera offers some of the best online courses in the world.

The platform often partners with Universities and successful organizations to offer courses to help individuals learn and build careers.

This Is where the Facebook Social Media Marketing Professional Certificate comes in. 

This course is everything you need to get successful at Facebook Advertising.

It takes a unique approach to help students get the basics of all the core elements and then move to advanced aspects of social media marketing following an industry-relevant curriculum.

With this certificate, you get access to six courses:

  • Introduction to Social Media Marketing
  • Social Media Management
  • Fundamentals of Social Media Advertising
  • Advertising with Facebook
  • Measure and Optimize Social Media Marketing Campaigns
  • Facebook Social Media Marketing Capstone

Each course allows self-paced learning and has videos, readings, assignments, and quizzes.

At the end of the course, you’ll have an excellent grip on:

  • Content Calendars and social media content using a data-driven approach
  • Pick high-quality creatives and create Facebook Ads
  • Analyze an effective advertising campaign for your target audience
  • Content management and marketing

This certification helps you learn with real-life situations and comes with a 7-day free trial.

There’s no exam, but you need to complete all the sections of each course and pass the graded quizzes to get certified.

The creators Anke Audenaert and Daniel Kob have a plethora of experience and have taught over 200,000 students around the world to get started with Facebook Ads and Social media marketing.

The price of the certification depends on your pace to complete the courses. You need to pay $49 per month to get access to the course material.

This means if you complete the course in 2 months it’ll cost you $98, but Coursera estimates 7 months if you put 2 hours per week, which ups the price to $343.

Advertising on Facebook by LinkedIn Learning

LinkedIn is the social media platform for professionals, fresher individuals, brands, and anyone who wants to grow their network and get attractive career opportunities.

The company understands the importance of cultivating skills and building a portfolio and hence offers a plethora of top-quality courses/learning resources through its learning platform aka LinkedIn Learning.

Advertising on Facebook by LinkedIn Learning is a remarkable resource to learn the core concepts of the Business Manager and the right techniques for building and managing Facebook Ads.

Megan Adams who is a Facebook advertising expert and course instructor helps you understand:

  • Setting up advertising accounts
  • Create and publish Ads
  • Define the target audience and target them using Facebook’s targeting filters
  • Plan budgets and build campaigns

The course gets divided into five sections scaling over 23 videos which you can access anytime as long as you have a stable internet connection.

Although there is no exam, you need to complete all the videos and associated tasks to get certified.

You can add the certificate to your LinkedIn profile to attract recruiters.

With over 60,000 happy students, LinkedIn charges a one time fee of $29.99 for the course.

You can also pick the premium subscription costing $29.99 per month that gives you access to many other premium courses.

The company also offers a 1-month free trial.

Facebook Ads & Facebook Marketing Mastery Guide on Skillshare

Skillshare is an absolute delight for individuals and teams willing to develop industry- leading skills taught by experienced professionals.

The Facebook Ads & Facebook Marketing Mastery Guide by Coursenvy on Skillshare is a high-quality course to learn everything about Facebook Advertising.

The course takes you on a journey to learn from the basic concepts to the advanced ones through 48 lessons divided over 11 hours of video content.

You get to learn a plethora of strategies and understand:

  • Building top-quality Facebook Ads
  • Create sales funnels
  • Unique advertisement types
  • Custom Audiences
  • Messenger Ads

Course Instructor Justin O’Brien shares the strategies he uses with clients of over 500 companies and has taught over 12,000 students with the course.

Although you don’t get a certificate after completing this course, you get to learn a lot.

You can get access to this course with a Skillshare premium subscription, costing $19 per month or $99 per year when billed annually. The company also offers a 7-day free trial to get started.


There you have it. Now, you know why learning Facebook advertising is critical before getting started. Understanding all the concepts helps you make correct decisions and use effective strategies to achieve maximum results.

You also know the top 5 Facebook Advertising courses in the market that provide top-quality resources guided by experienced professionals. You can pick any of the mentioned courses to learn Facebook advertising.