Announcement: Analytics feature will be removed from InterestExplorer

We're sad to announce that the Analytics feature in InterestExplorer will be removed as a result of upcoming changes in Facebook's Marketing API.

This morning Facebook has officially announced that they will deprecate the keyword stats endpoint in their Marketing API, which is the source of data that we use to display campaign statistics at the interest level in our Analytics tool.

We're sad to see such valuable data being removed, especially after being surprised by the errors in this API endpoint which started in the beginning of September.

Going forward, we have decided to remove the Analytics feature from our tool effective today. While Facebook officially deprecates the keyword stats endpoint on October 29th, it's no longer working anymore - so also not adding value anymore.

Our interest search search (the core of the InterestExplorer product) and our Chrome extension for Audience Insights will remain unaffected by these changes. We'll continue to add functionality to these products and we'll continue to look for new and creative ways to build value-adding products around Facebook's API.

To end with good news: we have built a new tool that allows you to track competitors and get alerted when they launch new Facebook ads. Either through email or native Zapier integration (for example with Slack message). 

You can create a free account, that includes up to 3 active trackers.