If you’re running Facebook ads, you know it requires testing… a lot of it!

But you don’t need to re-invent the wheel. Good artists copy, great artists steal. Right?

Well there’s a thin line between modelling and swiping vs plain stealing. So let’s change the saying to “great Facebook advertisers swipe.

Swiping things that work for others massively increases your chances of success. This applies to your landing page copy, emails, pricing, funnel structure and most definitely to Facebook ads.

In this article I’ll discuss Adspace, a new software that I’ve recently subscribed to myself as a replacement for AdvertSuite, my former Facebook ads spy tool (which stopped updating with new ads…)

adspace review

What do I like about Adspace and what needs improvement and how can you use this software to find Facebook ads that work for others?

That’s what this article is all about.

If you’d like to give Adspace a try after reading my article, you can sign-up for their free trial (no credicard required).

Make sure to sign-up through my partner link and use coupon code “INTERESTEXPLORER” if you’d like to upgrade to a paid account after your trial expires. No string attached, just a 25% discount 💰

Heads up: this post contains affiliate links. If you purchase something through one of these links, you won’t pay more (less even) but we’ll get a small commission.

What is Adspace?

Adspace is a spy tool for Facebook ads.

It’s a searchable and filterable database of Facebook ads, that you can use for competition analysis and product research.

And most importantly to discover Facebook ads other advertisers are running and learn what works for them.

You can search for ads from specific competitors, search for ads in various categories or niches and you can use a variety of filters to fine-tune your search.

Finally you can sort ads by things like: popularity (by likes, shares, etc) , by the date they were seen latest or by how long they’ve been running.

The latter sorting mechanism is important: “longest running”.


Because the assumption is that a Facebook ad that has been running for a long time, must be working and must be profitable for the advertiser who runs it.

While it’s (sadly) not possible to see how much budget the advertiser spent on the ad or how much revenue or profit it generated, I can get behind the idea that a long running Facebook ad with high engagement must work.

Otherwise the advertiser would’ve killed it.

Which problem does Adspace solve?

Everyone who runs Facebook ads knows that it can be hard to come up with fresh ideas for new ad creative, copy and landing pages.

We can all use some inspiration.

That’s what Adspace delivers, by allowing you to search and filter through a huge database of Facebook ads. Something that Facebook’s Ad Library doesn’t offer (it just allows you to search for competing Facebook pages that run ads).

Savvy digital marketers and eCom store owners can use Adspace to search for Facebook ads that contain specific keywords in the ad copy.

Or ads that are run by specific advertisers or in certain industries and then sort the results by engagement or the time an ad has been active.

When you’ve found Facebook ads you like, you can save these to a collection to re-visit later. Much like the oldschool swipe-folder where I used to keep my ad screenshots, but much more usable.

Adspace features

The first impression, both from their main website as from the application is 💯 Adspace looks absolutely gorgeous and works (almost) flawlessly.

adspace dashboard

When logged-in, the app shows the most recently seen ads at the top.

As they update the database with new Facebook ads on a daily basis, I regularly login just to browse through the recent ads without any search filters applied.

At the top of the page you’ll find a search bar that you can use to search for specific words (or a combination of words) in the ad copy, landing page copy or ad URL. 

adspace search

For example, a simple search for the word “mattress” returns a long list of Facebook ads from different companies that sell mattresses. 

adspace search results mattresses

You can sort the ads view using different settings. 

adspace default filters

Personally I mostly use “last seen”, “longest running” and “most popular, by likes”.

Then you can add a variety of filters to your search, to further drill down the selection of ads that’s shown by using Adspace’s: basic filters, copy filters and video filters.

These are the filters available right now:

Categories (find Facebook ads by broader industry or product category like: clothing, apps, supplements, jewelry or education).

Sex (ads targeting males or females)

Age range (ads targeting certain age ranges)

Creative (image ads, video ads or carousel ads)

Engagement (to filter ads by minimum or maximum number of likes)

Languages (right now, the supported languages are: English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Arabic, Romanian, Italian, German, Vietnamese, Polish, Dutch, Indonesian, Thai, Bulgarian, Greek, Russian, Czech, Lithuanian, Croatian, Chinese, Turkish and Norwegian). I’m Dutch myself, and for me an estimated 95% of the ads that are returned are indeed Dutch. Sometimes there’s an occasional English ad mixed-in.

Platform (to find ads based on the eCommerce platform of their landing page, like: Shopify, WooCommerce, Magento or others).

Website builder (same as above, but then for website builders like: ClickFunnels, Wix or WordPress).

Call-to-action (filter ads based on their call-to-action button text, like: learn more, shop now, get tickets, play game and all the other available CTA’s)

Published between (you can enter two dates, to find ads that were published within the selected date range)

Seen between (same as above, but then for a date range in which they were last seen)

Technologies (this is a very advanced filter, it allows to filter ads by the various tech scripts that are running on their landing pages, like specific Shopify or WordPress plugins).

Countries (filter by the targeted country)

Advertisers (to search for ads by specific competitors, just like in Facebook Ad Library)

Copy length (you can search specifically for short copy vs long copy ads)

Copy tone (ads with or without Emojis)

Video length (filter video ads by defining a minimum and maximum video length)

When you’ve defined a combination of search filters, you can save the configuration as a template that you can re-use everytime you use Adspace.

And then Adspace can send you alerts as soon as new ads are added that match your search criteria. So future ads will come to you.

Let me give you an example:

English language ads that contain the keyword “cats” and are linked to a Shopify store, sorted by when they were last seen.

adspace template search cats

You can open ads by clicking on them, hit play to quickly watch the video or save the ad to your “cats” collection 🐈 (who doesn’t have a cats collection right?)

This way you can build your own Facebook ads swipe file.

Let’s take a closer look at a single ad.

adspace cat advertisement

When you click on the ad, it shows all the information about the ad next to a preview of the landing page to which the ad links.

You can see things like: the likes over time, the technologies used on the landing page and a heatmap of when it was active.

fullpage cat

I really like the high-quality landing page preview, because it saves a lot of clicks. And again, it looks 👌

If you’d like to give Adspace a try after reading my article, you can sign-up for their free trial (no credicard required).

Make sure to sign-up through my partner link and use coupon code “INTERESTEXPLORER” if you’d like to upgrade to a paid account after your trial expires. No string attached, just a 25% discount 💰

Adspace use-cases

So, who is Adspace suitable for?

In the broadest sense, for digital marketers and business owners that run Facebook ads and who find it challenging to come up with fresh ideas.

But also for eCommerce store owners that like to see which products are hot right now. Or for copywriters that need to write long copy ads, but are looking at a blank screen in lack of inspiration.

Based on the set of features, I think there are many use-cases for an ad spy tool like Adspace.

I’ll highlight a few of those use cases, showing search filter ideas as well.


In the eCommerce realm everyone is looking for “winning” products to sell.

In Adspace you can search for video ads that have a “Shop Now” call-to-action and land on either a Shopify or WooCommerce store. You can sort them by popularity, and make sure you’re only looking at recently seen ads with a date range.

Obviously you can further narrow down with ad copy keywords or choosing a specific product category, to find the hottest products and ads in your specific niche.

adspace dropshipping

Leadgen and infoproducts

Are you selling courses, webinars, masterminds or other infoproducts?

Then you’ll know many (not all) of the successful marketers in the industry tend to use ClickFunnels as their preferred sales funnel builder and use long-copy ads.So these are great filters to use.

You can sort by longest running to make sure that the ads you’re looking at are proven winners. Not just one hit wonders.

Obviously you can also leave out ClickFunnels or choose a different page builder.

adspace long copy

Personal “brands”

Everyone is a guru these days.

My Facebook feed is crowded with successful people posing in front of Lamborghini’s while holding a ClickFunnels 2-comma club award.

Jokes aside, showing your face and personality online is a highly effective marketing strategy. And there are a lot of public figures that have mastered the branding game. So why not get inspiration from them?

In Adspace you can filter ads by product or advertiser categories, like for example “public figures” to filter ads in which they’re the centerpiece.

You can drill down by adding an engagement filter to make sure you’re only looking at the ones who are actually good at it and use their ads as templates.

adspace public figures

Competitive insights

Have you ever visited your competitors Facebook pages to click through to Facebook Ad Library to see if they’re running new ads?

I know I have 🤫

In Adspace you can quickly save a template search that includes the names of all the advertisers you’d like to track. When sorted by last seen you can frequently have a quick glance at all their currently running Facebook ads.Without having to visit all of their pages one by one. 

adspace competitive insights

Adspace support

Adspace is a new-to-market tool in 2020. This means it’s still in early development and the team is working hard to constantly improve the product. It also means that they’re still very open to user feedback and requests, which you can submit through the Intercom chat widget.

I must say they’re very responsive and fast to implement new functionality. For example, I’ve reported a small bug and asked about the addition of a filter for website builders and platforms (like WordPress or ClickFunnels).

Within the same day the bug was fixed and the filters were added 💨

adspace widget

There are pros and cons to joining a software in its early stages, but this level of personal support is obviously a BIG pro.

A little con of new software is that you’ll sometimes find a small bug. Being a creator myself, I’m fully aware that this is part of the game and only helps improving the product over time.

Their support is great and they’re highly committed.

adspace widget 2

Adspace pricing

Right now Adspace is still offering a lifetime 50% discount for early birds.

I’m one of these birds 🐦Adspace’s market price will be $99/m, but while they’re still offering the early bird pricing you can get in for $49/m (billed annually) or $59/m (billed monthly).

While I’m writing this article I’ve been a paying user for the past 2 months and because I’ve decided to stick around I’ve upgraded to the annual plan.When they’ll increase their pricing to $99, all existing users will be grandfathered in at the early bird pricing.

Block-based billing

Something to pay attention to if you’re planning to be a power user is Adspace’s billing based on blocks. “Blocks” are Adspace fuel.

One block equals one visible ad, and with the standard plan you get 75.000 fresh blocks per month.

This means you can scroll through 75.000 Facebook ads.

If you need more, you can buy extra blocks. But to be realistic, the only way to exhaust these blocks within a month would be to scrape Adspace to create your own database (by the way that’s stealing, not swiping).

That’s why this blocks limitation is in place I think.

Try Adspace for free

You can try a limited version of Adspace for free.

After signing up you’ll get 600 blocks (so you can view 600 ads for free). The free version includes all the filters you can also use when you’re a paying Adspace user. But… the most recently added ads (last 30 days) aren’t available in the trial. 

adspace free trial

The free trial allows you to experience Adspace, without any risk. If you like it you can upgrade to a paid account after you’ve exhausted the 600 free blocks. And if you didn’t like it, you’ve tried 💪

Adspace coupon code

If you want to give Adspace a try, I’m inviting you to use my partner link to sign-up for a free trial (no creditcard required) and use the coupon code “INTERESTEXPLORER” when upgrading to get 25% discount💰 

Here’s how it works:

  • Visit the Adspace website using any of the outgoing links in this article.
  • Create a free trial account (limited to viewing 600 Facebook ads).
  • Use coupon “INTERESTEXPLORER” when upgrading to a paid account.

Adspace conclusion

Let’s round up.

In this Adspace review I’ve discussed all the functionality of this new FB spy tool.I think any Facebook advertiser should have a spy tool like Adspace in his or her arsenal.

It’s still a brand new tool in its early stages, which inevitably comes with the occasional bugs. But on the contrary the price is still low and the support is great.I’m in for the ride and looking forward to see what new features Aspace will be adding in the future.

I’ll be actively involved to suggest these as well.

If you also like to eliminate the guesswork when coming up with new ideas for Facebook ads, I would highly recommend to test Adspace yourself.

Their trial completely is free, no creditcard required.

If you’d like to give Adspace a try after reading my article, you can sign-up for their free trial (no credicard required).

Make sure to sign-up through my partner link and use coupon code “INTERESTEXPLORER” if you’d like to upgrade to a paid account after your trial expires. No string attached, just a 25% discount 💰

Heads up: this post contains affiliate links. If you purchase something through one of these links, you won’t pay more (less even) but we’ll get a small commission.

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  1. Hi Paco!

    Just want to start by saying, I love your content and The Interest Explorer is an amazing tool!

    I was using Adspace (Free Version) for a bit and trying things out. But noticed today that the site has disappeared.

    Was hoping you might be able to shed some light on this and was wondering if AdvertSuite was still not updating? I would like to find a good spy tool but with all these sites going up and down it's hard to know who's reliable.

    Hopefully you can help 🙂

    1. Thanks Danny!

      I’ve tried to reach their founder in multiple ways, without success so far… that’s usually not a good sign. I’ll keep trying for a bit and otherwise I’ll unpusblish this article. The latest update of the AdvertSuite database was on May 31st 2021. Not really up date either.

      Right now I’m still looking for a good alternative myself.

    1. I’ve tried to reach their founder in multiple ways, without success so far… that’s usually not a good sign.

  2. Thank you Paco I love interest explorer and this article has been very informative. I'm going to give adspace a try.

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