Facebook interest targeting tool for advertisers

InterestExplorer is a Facebook interest targeting tool that helps advertisers of all sizes to lower their costs and reach more relevant audiences, by revealing thousands of hidden Facebook interests.

What you can do with this Facebook interest targeting software

Whether you are running ads for e-commerce, local businesses or consultancy, our Facebook interest finder helps you find the perfect interests to target - without your competition even knowing they exist.

Find hidden interests

FB ads manager shows just 25 interest suggestions and FB audience insights shows you interests that most often can't be targeted with ads. We'll show you 1000's of hidden interests that can be targeted.

Speed up your research

Enter any broad topic and our software will return a neatly sorted list of interests that you can target. Save hours of manual research and pick hyper-targeted interests you would've never found yourself.

Optimise your workflow

When you've cherrypicked a selection of interests, you can copy-paste these straight into your FB campaigns. You can also save interests to re-usable projects or export the interests to a downloadable CSV file.

You need a Facebook interest tool

Facebook hides interests. So we created software that uses the Facebook Marketing API to reveal thousands of interests that are not suggested by Facebook Ads Manager.


Facebook ads manager shows just 25 interest suggestions...

When you enter a keyword in the detailed targeting section in Facebook Ads Manager, it shows a dropdown with 25 interest suggestions. And they show the exact same 25 interests to over 6 million advertisers.


Explore thousands of targetable but hidden Facebook interests

InterestExplorer uses the Facebook Marketing API to reveal interests that remain hidden for most advertisers. Save hours on interest research to find the perfect low-competition targeting.

Transform your ad campaigns

Stop wasting time and money on research and ineffective interest targeting.

Without our software

  • You're targeting the exact same "public" interests that everyone else is targeting too, and paying the price.
  • You're frustrated by FB audience insights that shows you relevant interests that can't be targeted with ads.
  • You're spending a lot of time to research niches and to find relevant interests to target... if you can find any.

With our software

  • You're targeting hyper-relevant interests that most other advertisers can't find, resulting in lower ad costs. 
  • You're delighted when scrolling down a neatly sorted list of relevant interests that can all be used to target your ads. 
  • You're spending a few minutes on research to find relevant interests that you would never ever thought of yourself.

What others say about it

Thousands of next-level Facebook marketers use InterestExplorer as their secret weapon.


Best thing I've seen in the marketing world this year. Bought instantly! Thanks for this!!!

Dominick Pirone


This tool is awesome! Just signed up and it's already found interests that didn't even cross my mind.

Derek Dirks


I love InterestExplorer, it's a crucial part of my planning process for Facebook Ad Campaigns.

Marie Evans


I bought this and it works just as described. Well done.

Brad Watts


The developer api is one of the secret weapons of next-level marketers.

Ryan Ellis


I pays for itself pretty quickly. Good work to the InterestExplorer team.

Andrew Breen


It's really fun to find so many more interests and it gives you a ton of ideas about what your audience likes.

Chris Burbridge


An indispensable tool that amplifies my ability to target high quality audience in my daily work.

Nicholas Johnstone


This software is a game changer. It gets me better click rates and better sales results.

Keith Cangiarella

There's more...

Interest Highlighter for Audience Insights

We've built a Chrome extension that highlights targetable interests in Facebook Audience Insights, so you don't have to copy-paste interests to find out if they can be targeted.


Simple pricing for individuals, teams and agencies.

Facebook interest targeting 101

How Facebook ad interest targeting actually works... and why it's flawed.

Facebook collects massive amounts of data from its users, with the goal of creating "profiles". These profiles contain a lot more information then what users put on their Facebook profile themselves.

A lot of the profile variables are assumed by Facebook based on user behaviour on the platform and off the platform (on the millions of sites that have a Facebook pixel on them).

"Interests" are not necessarily things that people are interested in. Facebook assumes the interest in a topic based on behaviour - but it very quickly assigns these interests to build large audiences.

If you like a friend's picture of his kitten you could be "interested" in cats in the eyes of Facebook. But are you a real cat person? Probably not.

Do you see now why targeting broad interests like 'Cat' or 'Travel' will include MANY people that aren't actually interested in that topic?

That's the first flaw...

You would say that liking a Facebook page relevant to a specific topic, will help Facebook assess your interest easily, right?

But when you look at the number of page likes of a page and compare that to the audience that can be targeted with this interest, you'll quickly notice that a) most of these Facebook pages don't have associated Facebook ads interests that can be targeted, and b) if you the page has an associated interest the numbers just don't add up (usually the interest has a lot less people than the page has likes). 

That's the second flaw...

So how should advertisers go about finding Facebook ad interests to target? How should they find targetable Facebook audience interests?

I'll explain why you need a Facebook ad software after highlighting a third (and maybe even the worst) flaw.

It's the fact that Facebook has a lot more data than it shows in their consumer-facing tools, like Ads Manager and Audience Insights. These tools are "dumbed-down" so that everyone can create an ad.

Little options, not many buttons to click... little interest options.

In Ads Manager they show just a fraction of all the Facebook interest keywords you can use for targeting. And in Audience Insights they show you Facebook pages, but without any way to see if there is an associated interest keyword you can use for ad targeting.

While all this data IS available in the Facebook API that developers use to build value-adding Facebook ad software products.

Like we did with our Facebook ad research tool, InterestExplorer. 

So to round up this epistle, I think every Facebook advertiser should use a Facebook ads keyword tool of some sort (unless you're a developer and can build something yourself using Facebook's API).

There are just MANY more interests that you can target, that are not shown in Ads Manager. You want to go after these instead of the big interest audiences that include a lot of people who are not interested at all. Why waste the majority of your ad budget on them?

Finally, when done right, Facebook keyword targeting works extremely well. If you want to see actual results from my own campaigns and learn more about the Facebook interest targeting tool we built...

Go ahead and hit that blue button now.