Facebook™ interest targeting tool reveals thousands of hidden Facebook™ interests 

InterestExplorer is a Facebook™ interest targeting tool that helps advertisers of all sizes to lower their costs and reach higher quality audiences, by revealing thousands of hidden Facebook™ interests.

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You need a Facebook™ interest targeting tool

Facebook™ hides interests. So we created a Facebook™ interests tool to outsmart your competitors, save time on interest targeting research and most importantly...skyrocket your ROAS 🚀


Facebook™ Ads Manager shows just 25 interest suggestions...

When you enter a keyword in the detailed targeting section in Facebook™ Ads Manager, it shows a dropdown with 25 interest suggestions. These are shown to over 7 million advertisers.

facebook ads manager suggestions


Explore thousands of targetable but hidden Facebook™ interests

InterestExplorer uses Facebook™'s API to reveal interests that are hidden for most advertisers, so you can save hours on interest research and find the perfect low-competition keywords.

interestexplorer suggestions

What you can do with this Facebook™ interest targeting software

Whether you are running ads for e-commerce, a local business or consultancy, our Facebook™ interest targeting software helps you quickly find hidden Facebook™ interests to target.

Without our Facebook™ interest targeting tool

  • You're targeting the exact same "public" interests that everyone else is targeting too, and paying the price.
  • You're frustrated by Facebook™ Audience Insights that shows you relevant interests that can't be targeted.
  • You're spending a lot of time to research niches and to find relevant interests to target... if you can find any.

With our Facebook™ interest targeting tool

  • You're targeting hyper-relevant interests that most other advertisers can't find, resulting in lower ad costs. 
  • You're delighted when scrolling down a neatly sorted list of relevant interests that can all be targeted.
  • You're spending a few minutes on research to find interests that you would've never ever thought of.

What others say about it

Thousands of next-level Facebook™ marketers use InterestExplorer as their secret weapon.

Best thing I've seen in the marketing world this year. Bought instantly! Thanks for this!!!

profile picture dominick

Dominick Pirone

This tool is awesome! Just signed up and it's already found interests that didn't even cross my mind.

profile picture derek

Derek Dirks

I love InterestExplorer, it's a crucial part of my planning process for Facebook™ Ad Campaigns.

profile picture marie

Marie Evans

I bought this and it works just as described. Well done.

profile picture brad

Brad Watts

I was surprised at how inexpensive it is. For as much as it can save and make you, it should be much more.

profile picture darryl

Darryl Dexter

It pays for itself pretty quickly. Good work to the InterestExplorer team.

profile picture andrew

Andrew Breen

It's really fun to find so many more interests and it gives you a ton of ideas about what your audience likes.

profile picture chris

Chris Burbridge

An indispensable tool that amplifies my ability to target high quality audience in my daily work.

profile picture nicholas

Nicholas Johnstone

This software is a game changer. It gets me better click rates and better sales results.

profile picture keith

Keith Cangiarella

There's more...

Interest Highlighter for Audience Insights

We've built a powerful Chrome extension that highlights targetable interests in Facebook™ Audience Insights, so you don't have to copy-paste interests to find out if they can be targeted 🎯

interest highlighter for audience insights chrome extension


Simple lifetime pricing for individuals and teams.