Facebook interest targeting tool reveals 1000's of hidden Facebook interests you can target without your competition knowing

You need a Facebook interest targeting tool

Facebook hides interests. So we've created a Facebook interests tool to outsmart your competitors, save time on interest targeting research and most importantly...skyrocket your ROAS 🚀


Facebook Ads Manager shows just 25 interest suggestions...

When you enter a keyword in the detailed targeting section in Facebook Ads Manager, it shows a dropdown with 25 interest suggestions. These are shown to over 9+ million advertisers.


Explore thousands of targetable but hidden Facebook interests

InterestExplorer uses Facebook's API to reveal interests that are hidden from most advertisers, so you can save hours on interest research and find the perfect low-competition keywords.

What you can do with this Facebook interest targeting software

Whether you are running ads for e-commerce, a local business or consultancy, our Facebook interest targeting software helps you quickly find hidden Facebook interests to target.

Without our Facebook interest targeting tool

  • You're targeting the exact same "public" interests that everyone else is targeting too, and paying the price.
  • You're spending a lot of time to research niches and to find relevant interests to target... if you can find any.

With our Facebook interest targeting tool

  • You're targeting hyper-relevant interests that most other advertisers can't find, resulting in lower ad costs. 
  • You're spending a few minutes on research to find interests that you would've never ever thought of.

What others say about it

Thousands of savvy Facebook marketers use InterestExplorer as their secret weapon.

It has been a game-changer. You're going to find hidden interests, target those and see less competition.

Joe Robert

It helped me discover audiences I didn't even know existed deep in the underbelly of Facebook interests list.

Amanda Robinson

It's one of the best softwares we've been using in our agency to really get our clients results.


Reinart Bacalso


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